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ESG is a complex enterprise program and today, and while there are point solutions that can help a company publish an ESG report, or consulting to provide recommendations, there are no end-to-end solutions that enterprises can use for total, program coverage. Until today.


OneTrust ESG will support enterprises in their full ESG programs, from gathering data through manual (assessments, uploads) means or automated data discovery (utility bill automation, application integrations). OneTrust ESG enables enterprises of all sizes to review data in a central repository, track ESG-specific initiatives and targets, assess risks, publish reports, view dashboards, and get strategies on carbon reduction and remediation—for both their internal programs and for their supply chain.


In this webinar, we will preview OneTrust ESG and will answer:

  • What are the key elements to a total ESG solution?
  • What should enterprises be doing to support an ESG program?
  • What technologies and features, today and in the future, should an enterprise use to reduce complexity and have a successful ESG program?

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