OneTrust for CCPA: Operationalize Your Compliance


Thursday, February 14 | 10:00am PT, 1:00pm ET


With less than a year until the groundbreaking California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes into effect, OneTrust, has launched a comprehensive solution for companies to operationalize CCPA compliance. OneTrust for CCPA is a full set of solutions and services to help companies implement the requirements of the CCPA, regardless of the current maturity of an organization’s privacy program. OneTrust for CCPA brings together in-depth CCPA research, innovative CCPA-specific privacy management software, expert professional services and the OneTrust CCPA PrivacyConnect community for a holistic approach to operationalizing the CCPA. Join us for a webinar as we discuss and demo how the OneTrust platform directly addresses CCPA requirements.

  • CCPA Research and Readiness Portal: Understand the CCPA with OneTrust’s in-depth research on the law, powered by Privacypedia™.
  • CCPA Privacy Management Software: OneTrust has developed key CCPA-specific tools to operationalize your CCPA compliance, including internal governance as well as consumer-facing tools.
  • CCPA Professional Services: Expert consultants customize your CCPA program and guide you along your CCPA compliance path.
  • CCPA Community: A network of CCPA privacy professionals across the globe, CCPA Mobile App, and the CCPA Advisory Board provide direct input in the OneTrust CCPA roadmap.


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