Global Privacy Control: CCPA enforcement of GPC opt-out signals webinar

With so much on the horizon for US privacy in 2023, privacy teams should be developing their understanding of the critical areas of the incoming US privacy laws, including the right for consumers to opt out of data sharing and selling. Additionally, CCPA enforcement has begun. One of the key elements of the recent CCPA enforcement action by the California Attorney General was the use of the Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal as a mechanism for consumers to opt out of the sale of personal information.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Sebastian Zimmeck, Wesleyan University Professor and Global Privacy Control (GPC) Representative, Justin Brookman, Consumer Reports Director of Technology Policy, along with Alex Cash, OneTrust Director of Strategy for Consent and Preferences, to learn what GPC is and how to honor browser-level opt-out requests in the US.

  • Gain an overview of what Global Privacy Control is, benefits of the signal, and how it works.
  • Learn about the California Attorney General’s requirement for companies to fulfill opt-out of sale or share requests consumers action through GPC.
  • Discover how OneTrust’s cookie consent product helps honor consumer requests in the US, specifically when consumers opt out of the sale or share of information through the GPC browser setting.

Featured speakers

Alex Cash

Director of Strategy for Consent and Preferences, OneTrust

Sebastian Zimmeck

Wesleyan University Professor and Global Privacy Control (GPC) Representative, Wesleyan University

Justin Brookman

Director of Technology Policy, Consumer Reports

On-demand webinar coming soon...

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