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The future of PCI DSS: Prepare your organization for v4.0

Organizations don’t need to process large numbers of transactions — even just having payment card account data in their system requires compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

It’s common for organizations to regard compliance as a point-in-time exercise rather than a continuous state, failing to sustain effective security and control environments.

PCI DSS v4.0 recognizes this reality and allows organizations to customize the approach they use to meet requirements. While the new standard offers greater flexibility, it also requires increased validation, more frequent control testing, and ongoing monitoring.

This guide helps you navigate the changes introduced in PCI DSS v4.0. We cover:

  • A primer of PCI DSS: Key players and compliance levels
  • What’s new in PCI DSS v4.0: Evolving payment standards
  • Roadmap to PCI DSS v4.0 compliance: 6 steps to prepare for compliance

On-demand webinar coming soon...

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