Safeguard Protected Health Information

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Comprehensive Scoping

Complete a scoping survey to better understand your HIPAA requirements and the safeguards you’ll need to implement.

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HIPAA Toolkit

Manage your risk assessments and reviews, employee policy attestations, and vendor risk in one central location.

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Implementation Tracking and Reporting

Ensure all medical record security controls are implemented and documented with evidence by using intuitive, pre-built workflows.

Accelerate HIPAA Compliance

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Access a Library of Pre-Built Policies

Use pre-built policies mapped to all the technical safeguards, healthcare data risks, and associated evidence you need to collect to help ensure you’re always compliant. The policies, controls, and evidence work seamlessly with other frameworks, like SOC 2, to ensure an efficient, effective InfoSec program. A unified platform means you can even track and manage your vendor risk in the same space.

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Achieve HIPAA Compliance and Audit Readiness

HIPAA is not optional and non-compliance with the appropriate data protection regulations can result in hefty fines. OneTrust Audit Readiness helps you achieve HIPAA compliance and prepare for potential audits. Our scoping survey will help you better understand your security risks and requirements while the policies and controls, evidence tasks, employee attestation, and vendor management tools give you everything you need to achieve and maintain your compliance program.

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Receive Always-On Expert Guidance

Access the latest HIPAA regulations guidance by tapping into a library of regulatory research powered by a contributor network of hundreds of lawyers, in-house legal researchers, and translators. Whether it’s a change in regulation, like the Omnibus rule, or evolving mandates based on national standards and impacts of health information technology on PHI, we have you covered.

Learn How OneTrust Supports HIPAA Compliance

Request a demo to learn more about how you can efficiently achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance.

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