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On-demand webinar coming soon...

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OneTrust Data Privacy Maturity Model self-assessment

As the data privacy landscape shifts through a mixture of increased regulation, an urgency to build first-party data sets, and ethically managing data for AI model training, organizations are having to evaluate the maturity of their data privacy programs to keep pace. The OneTrust Data Privacy Maturity Model is a framework developed to enable organizations to set their business strategy for data privacy and move beyond risk mitigation toward unlocking business upside through responsible data use.

Infographic showing the four Framework Implementation Tiers.

Assess your results

Add up your total score and see where your organization fits within our Privacy Maturity Model below.

0 – 9

On your way to Stage 1

It is likely you have no structured data privacy program in place, and it is not considered a priority within your organization.

The addition of a few simple, manual processes would likely add focus and an element of compliance to your privacy operations.

10 – 15

Stage 1

Privacy is being considered within your organization, but the processes are limited, and compliance is reactive to changes in the regulatory landscape. You have some manual processes in place to deal with privacy requirements, but these are not scalable. Taking steps to move from static spreadsheets to privacy-focused software solutions will likely have a significant impact on your data privacy program’s maturity.

16 – 21

Transitioning into Stage 2

You’ve started to automate areas of your program and it is likely you have a forward-thinking approach to privacy. By continuing to add automation and accountability to your data privacy program, it will become more robust through greater data visibility and repeatable processes.

22 – 27

Stage 2

Here the use of technology and automated solutions will have largely replaced your spreadsheet-based processes and you will have consistent, formalized processes for things like policy management and record keeping. Privacy is also its own centralized function with its own dedicated leader, and senior leadership are beginning to understand the business value of privacy. ​ To further mature your data privacy program, you will likely need to gain greater visibility into your organization’s data, third parties, and AI usage in order to begin unlocking value through responsible data use.

28 – 33

Transitioning into Stage 3

You’re building a more holistic picture of how your organization uses data and have a firm grasp on your compliance requirements. The privacy function is formalized and structured and you are beginning to think more about the business value of responsible data use. Most importantly, you are now collecting customers preferences to support your first-party data strategy.

34 – 39

Stage 3

You’ve reached the stage where business upside is starting to become a key metric for the data privacy program. While mitigating downside risk is still vitally important, the business value of compliance is beginning to plateau while the business value of customer trust grows. You’re evolving from just having visibility into personal data to now implementing responsible use policies, while having greater knowledge of your customers through a comprehensive preference center. For further maturity, it is likely you’ll be considering how you can use this data visibility to unlock business upside.  

40 – 45

Transitioning into Stage 4

Data privacy program processes are close to be fully optimized; the go-to-market team can unlock greater insights from customer data, and AI governance has expanded to include third-party use of AI. Data activation to enable AI and other innovation is becoming a key outcome of the program, and the data privacy function is scaling across the organization. You are likely getting leadership buy-in to bring data privacy assessment and remediation to the beginning of the customer engagement and product development process as an enabler for the business.

46 – 48

Stage 4

Data privacy is now a key part of decision-making and business strategy. Customer data is now being responsibly used to enhance products and deepen customer relationships. Advanced analytics and AI are being used to deepen those relationships. Datasets with personal information are future-proofed, meaning that personal information is either permissioned or deidentified in a way that the organization can confidently use it to train AI models and seed analytics programs over the long-term. The data privacy program is now central to unlocking the business value of customer data.​

Ready to get started?

The OneTrust Privacy & Data Governance Cloud offers a range of solutions that can equip your organization with the tools needed to mature your data privacy program. Talk to one of our experts today to learn more about how the Privacy & Data Governance Cloud can help you to navigate the Data Privacy Maturity Model and how it can drive more value for your business.