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OneTrust Trademark Usage Guidelines

Introduction and applicability

The trademarks, service marks, names, trade dress, and logos, whether or not registered, (each a “Trademark” and collectively, the “Trademarks”) of OneTrust LLC and its affiliates (collectively, “OneTrust”) are intellectual property rights and valuable assets owned by OneTrust. The Trademarks must be used in accordance with these Trademark Usage Guidelines (“Guidelines”). 

Any use of a Trademark must comply with applicable laws and regulations and requires strict compliance with these Guidelines. Word marks of OneTrust may be used without a written license or express permission from OneTrust to truthfully and accurately convey information about OneTrust products or services (e.g., interoperability of your products or services with those of OneTrust), provided that such use does not imply an affiliation, endorsement, sponsorship, or approval with or by OneTrust. Any other use of a OneTrust Trademark requires a written license agreement with OneTrust. OneTrust’s designs, logos and icons may never be used by third parties without express authorization from OneTrust. If you need additional information regarding use of or authorization to use any Trademarks, please contact the OneTrust Legal department at

These Guidelines apply to OneTrust employees, partners, customers, developers, vendors, consultants, publishers, and any and all other third parties (“you” or “Third Party”). Note that if you are a partner, customer or supplier of OneTrust goods or services, the agreement that you signed with OneTrust in establishing your relationship with OneTrust may contain specific usage guidelines that differ from those contained within these Guidelines; in the event of any conflict between those guidelines and these Guidelines, your written agreement with OneTrust supersedes these Guidelines, and you should follow the specific guidelines provided within your written agreement.

OneTrust reserves the right, exercisable at its sole discretion, to modify these Guidelines and/or the Trademarks at any time and to take appropriate action against any use without permission or any use that does not conform to these Guidelines.


List of trademarks
















The foregoing list is not comprehensive and will be updated from time to time here and/or at Failure by OneTrust to list a particular trademark (registered or unregistered) does not constitute a waiver of any of OneTrust’s rights in its Trademarks.


Authorized and prohibited uses

Authorized uses

  1. Internal Use by Customers, Vendors, and Partners. Customers, vendors, or partners having a written agreement with OneTrust can use the Trademarks (including any logos) solely for internal business purposes during the term of that agreement, including within websites or other online applications hosted on an intranet of and accessible solely by employees of the customer, vendor, or partner. 

  2. Written Agreement with OneTrust: Specific permissions for usage may be granted in a written agreement with OneTrust. Unless permitted by such a written agreement, do NOT: 

    • use any Trademarks in advertising, marketing, or promotional materials;

    • employ typestyles or fonts resembling those of any Trademarks;

    • use logos, designs, or stylizations that incorporate design elements of, or look similar to, logos, designs, or stylizations of any Trademarks; or

    • use any Trademarks as an indicator of compliance with any law, regulation, standard, framework, or certification.


Prohibited uses

  1. Incorporation into Names: You may not incorporate any Trademarks into your company name, product name, service name, website or domain name, social media handles, taglines, or any other source-identifying materials.

  2. Confusingly Similar Marks & Translations: You may not use trademarks or service marks that may cause confusion with any Trademarks. This includes abbreviations and translations of any Trademarks.

  3. Disparaging, Obscene, or Unlawful Uses: You may not use any Trademarks or the OneTrust trade name in any defamatory, libelous, obscene, or unlawful manner, or in a way that dilutes or tarnishes OneTrust’s rights or reputation.


Usage of trademarks

  1. Appropriate Attribution Language: Include the attribution statement, such as "[insert Mark] is a trademark of OneTrust LLC in the United States and/or other countries," whenever you use any Trademarks.

  2. Grammatical Usage: Always use Trademarks as adjectives followed by the generic category name of the product or service. Do NOT: 
    • use a Trademark as a noun or verb;

    • pluralize a Trademark or make it possessive; or

    • combine a Trademark with other words, symbols, or numbers, either as one word or with a hyphen.
  3. Proper Spelling and Stylization: Always use Trademarks in the correct spelling and format as they appear on our official materials, as described in the OneTrust brand portal at Do NOT:

    • change the color or typeface of a Trademark featuring a design element;

    • abbreviate, translate, distort, or otherwise alter a Trademark; or

    • use Trademarks more prominently than your own brand or company name.
  4. Distinguish Trademarks in Text 

    • Capitalize the first letter of each word when referencing Trademarks in text.  

    • Use the proper trademark symbol (®, ™ or SM as applicable). For the trademark symbol, use the superscript format, but if this is not possible, then use parentheses ((R), (TM) or (SM) as applicable).

    • Where to include the proper trademark symbol:

      For this type of content:Include the proper trademark symbol for each Trademark at:
      Letters, memos, press releases, white papers, advertising, video, and other multimedia presentationsThe first occurrence of the Trademark within the document.
      Presentation graphics, including slides, foils, charts, and graphsThe most prominent use of the Trademark on each slide, foil, chart, or graph.
      Publications containing multiple articles, including newsletters and magazinesThe first occurrence of the Trademark in every article in which the Trademark is used.
      Bound documents, including data sheets, technical documentation, white papers, brochures, financial reports, and books. The first occurrence of the Trademark in the text.

  5. “OneTrust” as a Trademark versus a Trade name: “OneTrust” is not only a trademark used to identify OneTrust’s products and services; it also serves as OneTrust’s company name. Therefore, the word “OneTrust” is generally used in two different ways: as a trademark or as a trade name, where the latter use does not require a trademark symbol.

    TrademarkTrade Name
    Use“OneTrust” is an adjective for OneTrust’s products and servicesOneTrust LLC and/or its affiliates (i.e., the company) is described as taking some action or having some attribute
    Trademark symbolInclude the proper trademark symbol after “OneTrust”No need to include a trademark symbol after “OneTrust”
    Example“OneTrust® Trust Intelligence Platform”“OneTrust announced today the release of a new product.”

  6. Examples of Proper Use of Trademarks

    • OneTrust® Privacy & Data Governance Cloud

    • DataGuidance® platform

    • PrivacyConnect® webinar
  7. Ownership

    You acknowledge that all rights to the Trademarks are the exclusive property of OneTrust and all goodwill generated through your use of the Trademarks will inure solely to the benefit of OneTrust. You will not take any action conflicting with OneTrust's rights in or ownership of the Trademarks.