OneTrust kicks off new year with strong momentum, building on successes from 2022

Launches plans to drive innovation and grow its customer base

Feburuary 20, 2023

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Earlier this month, the OneTrust team gathered for our Company Kickoff to review 2022 performance and build on our momentum going into 2023. It was an energizing event where we discussed what drives us at OneTrust: earning and facilitating trust between our colleagues and our customers through our innovative products.

Last year was an exciting one for the OneTrust team, with many successes. We proudly serve more than 13,000 customers – big and small – across the globe. OneTrust continues to be recognized as a leader by various industry analyst across Privacy & Data Governance, GRC, TPRM, Ethics and ESG. and has been awarded a total of 238 patents for innovative new technologies.

OneTrust’s DNA is in helping privacy professionals navigate constantly evolving laws and regulations, however today’s world has evolved where privacy is no longer just about compliance, it is also about data. Regulations are quickly expanding the definition of what data is in scope for protection, and an organization’s data footprint has exploded with a rise in redundancies, duplication, and siloes. OneTrust is pioneering the future with the Trust Intelligence Platform giving visibility, action and automation for trust initiatives so companies can make their promises of trust a reality.

OneTrust is helping the office of the CISO reduce its attack surface by uncovering where all its sensitive data lies, automating its security compliance programs and supply-chain risk and putting risk-based controls in place. Data, risk, and privacy are now more intertwined than ever and OneTrust is uniquely positioned through our Trust Intelligence platform to help organizations solve their most daunting challenges.  

At the end of 2022, we announced several enhancements to advance the Trust Intelligence Platform, our solution to making trust actionable. In 2023, we are focused on continuing to innovate across this platform, focusing on the core areas of privacy, security, ethics, compliance, and ESG. Our priorities for the year include: 

Intelligent consent policy and state law updates

There are a lot of changes this year on both the technology and regulatory front. Google continues to phase out 3rd party cookie support and there are various changes in AdTech that marketing teams and publishers will have to execute. Additionally, multiple US state privacy legislations, Privacy by Design frameworks and Trustworthy and Responsible AI risk management practices will be implemented. With the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) and Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA) in effect as of January 1, 2023, the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) and Connecticut Data Protection Act (CTDPA) going into effect in July 2023, and the Utah Consumer Privacy Act (UCPA) going into effect at the end of the year on December 31, 2023 – that’s five new regulations to monitor and ensure compliance with already. 

To help streamline business-as-usual activities, OneTrust released intelligent consent to ensure organizations know exactly whose data they received, where individuals reside and what policies and regulations govern the use of that data based on their location. This helps organizations more quickly activate using the data and automate fully all compliance activities while helping organizations enable data sharing, and collaboration and enforce responsible use. 

Data discovery and governance

The data sprawl has gotten much more challenging and difficult with all the expansion of data, cloud computing and business apps. But vocal consumers and regulators have fundamentally changed the entire way organizations use data to drive business value. More data than ever before is being demanded by businesses, presenting challenges for protecting sensitive data. Without data visibility, you are blind to critical risks. 

With OneTrust Data Discovery, discover, control, and activate data all in one platform

  • Discover: Intelligently discover and classify sensitive data to gain central visibility into data risk and data use.   
  • Control: Effectively protect and govern sensitive data through automated policy orchestration, retention management and remediation actions 
  • Activate: Enable and activate more use of data but with Trust by Design principles, helping data and marketing teams find their data and use it responsibly

Certification Automation 

OneTrust Certification Automation helps businesses demystify compliance with built in content and expert guidance to scope, scale, and automate your security compliance program. This ensures CISO’s and their teams are prepared for future third-party audits across numerous security and privacy frameworks without having to manually research and figure it out themselves. 

While traditional compliance tools can help manage data, they’re often limited without the right context and guidance to effectively operationalize and measure security requirements. Certification Automation is the first solution that enables teams with an intelligent roadmap and compliance expertise throughout your InfoSec program. In addition to pre-built content, such as policies and controls, we provide expert-vetted guidance to right-size your compliance scope in line with your organizational needs.

By translating complex requirements into actionable tasks along an intuitive workflow, our software fast-tracks your road to audit readiness, accelerating time to value. 

Compliance throughout your supply chain

Ensuring compliance is all being met throughout your entire ecosystem is complex but with Third Party Due Diligence, we solve this for you. Third Party Due Diligence provides organizations with the latest data to conduct due diligence and monitor third parties for sanctions exposure, bribery and corruption, adverse media, modern slavery, financial crime, and more. The Trust Intelligence Platform automates value by integrating the steps across privacy, compliance due diligence ensures the suppliers you partner with, align with your values. Third Party Due Diligence equips the office of the CISO with more data, strengthening a company’s broader Third Party Risk Management Program.  

This is the future of OneTrust

We are driven by our company values of earning trust, building our OneTeam, being curious, unlocking impact, holding each other accountable, and finishing stronger as we work to bring the Trust Intelligence Platform to life. 

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