Good metadata management can help organizations access, share, integrate, and analyze data-driven insights and critical business information. Metadata is a rich source of information that can answer some key organizational questions. Therefore, governing metadata correctly helps ensure that the proper owners are assigned, the correct policies are in place, and the data is stored correctly. In order to implement this, the organization must first have the tools in place to help discover technical metadata in structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources, as well as a method for implementing a controlled vocabulary such as a data dictionary.

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Tips For Introducing Good Metadata Management 

There are a number of good practices that can set organizations on the path to managing their metadata properly. These practices can help organizations better understand and govern their data by using the correct controls and policies based on the accurate classification of that data.

In this video, we have outlined some top tips for managing metadata including;

  • Discover technical metadata
  • Assign ownership and roles
  • Leverage a data dictionary

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