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XOi Technologies

How XOi Technologies scaled their security and generated $6,000,000 in revenue

Automobile assembly plant employee works on a car resting on a conveyor belt.

XOi Technologies is the communication and collaboration tool for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing industries. Their software is used by leading manufacturers and facility service companies.





  • Scale their security and compliance program without breaking the bank
  • Build enterprise-grade security and credibility to attract enterprise clients
  • Get ISO 27001 certified without redoing the work they’ve done for GDPR



  • Automate evidence collection and mapping to existing policies and controls for ISO 27001
  • Assign tasks to team members without them needing to become compliance experts
  • Results
  • Unlocked $6,000,000 in revenue
  • Faster progress than initially projected for ISO 27001 readiness
  • Confidence that their security and compliance efforts can be affordably maintained 


Scaling security and operational compliance

XOi Technologies does a stellar job solving manufacturing and facility service companies’ communication problems.

Customers love the transparency provided by XOi’s platform, an all-in-one mobile app, knowledge base, and live remote collaboration tool.

It’s no surprise XOi has doubled its revenue every three quarters for the last two years. 

However, “we couldn’t go up-market," explained Adam Jaggers, the CTO at XOi. "We built credibility in the last few years, but now we’re really building enterprise-grade momentum and finding that you can’t play in the enterprise space until you’re really mature.

"It’s really easy to trust everyone on a small development team of 15 because everyone knows the right thing to do. But when you scale, it’s hard to educate. Consistency and your processes and procedures definitely get a lot more difficult.”

As part of building its enterprise-grade credibility and security, Jaggers and his team decided to become GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant. 


"We’re extremely secure and extremely cautious. And we’ve been doing all the right things. But there’s a difference between doing all the right things and being able to prove it,"


Adam Jaggers, CTO


Built-in expertise and automation at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions

The firm XOi previously hired to help with GDPR compliance "had a ton of expertise and helped educate us. But we knew that we couldn’t do the same thing again: we either had to hire someone or figure out a different way to build a program that we could actually manage. And as a SaaS guy, I looked for technology that could help with this."

Over the course of their research, Jaggers and his team were impressed by the compliance platform, with its built-in policies and procedures that are continuously updated. "It does all the things we need it to while helping us leverage the GDPR work we've already done to complete ISO 27001," said Jaggers.

Best of all, the solution put to rest one of XOi’s biggest worries — the lack of redundancy and knowledge of the intimate details of the company’s security program.


Achieving ISO 27001 compliance and unlocking $6,000,000 in revenue

XOi has been able to make faster-than-expected progress during the six months they spent on their ISO 27001 certification.

As Jaggers pointed out, ISO 27001 is “in a lot of ways more complicated [than GDPR] and has more impact on our business because it’s not just about data.

"We know how we’re going to maintain that program. Going forward, it’s not going to cost us $150,000 every year.”


"I can just assign tasks. My Director of DevOps doesn’t have to have deep knowledge of every single policy. He only needs to address the things that are assigned to him, like evidence tasks. It’s really easy and intuitive for him to go in and find out how to do what he needs to do — and that’s all he needs to be concerned with."


Adam Jaggers, CTO

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