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On-demand webinar coming soon...

On-demand webinar coming soon...

Discover & classify your data to reduce risk

Enable complete data visibility, so your security and privacy teams know what data you have, where it is, and who has access to it. Understand and reduce risk associated with data sprawl across your enterprise.

On-demand webinar coming soon...

With OneTrust Data Discovery & Classification, you can:


Uncover hidden data including good data in bad places, sensitive data with inappropriate access, and hoarded data


Trigger internal workflows to remove sensitive information, restrict access, or apply privacy-enhancing technology such as encryption or masking


Promote responsible data usage by automating core privacy workflows, and capturing and governing consent throughout the data lifecycle

How OneTrust helps

The more data an organization keeps, the more exposed it is to attack or misuse. Best practice is to only keep the data you absolutely need (for legal, regulatory, business purposes) and delete data you no longer need to reduce risk. Easily identify data that violates retention policies and automate remediation processes.


We help teams:


  • Find and flag sensitive or regulated data and map retention policies to indicate how long to keep it

  • Identify data and its age to delete when obsolete or irrelevant

  • Automatically carry out these actions through integrations, removing manual efforts


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Information security teams protect the business and its data by reducing the probability that something bad will happen, or minimizing the damage when something bad does happen. This is especially important when it comes to sensitive data (personal, proprietary), as the damage can be far greater from a customer trust or regulatory perspective.


We help teams:


  • Effectively reduce risk with full, objective visibility into your data, where it lives, and who can access it

  • Identify at-risk data and orchestrate remediation actions through native integration with source systems

  • Automatically remediate data security issues with native integrations, like removing open access to sensitive data in OneDrive, redacting sensitive data in Salesforce, or deleting sensitive files from file shares


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The more data you have, the bigger the target on your back and the bigger the bill for its storage. Best practice is to only keep necessary data (for legal, regulatory, or business purposes), and delete data you don’t to reduce overall risk and cost.


We help teams:


  • Identify data that is kept outside of best practice or regulatory timeframes

  • Find redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data across your data estate so you can remove it from your data footprint

  • Reduce the attack surface of your data, you can reduce your risk in the event of a breach


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When transferring data to the cloud/between clouds, you should only move or migrate relevant and necessary data to maintain good hygiene, reduce your attack surface, and save money.


We help teams:


  • Ensure that the data being moved is necessary (not redundant, obsolete, irrelevant, or outside of retention guidelines)

  • Reduce the time needed to perform the migration

  • Save money in the form of reduced storage and bandwidth costs

  • Reduce data risk by ensuring sensitive data is protected before transfer or removed from your data ecosystem


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Trust is a competitive advantage. OneTrust Data Discovery helps your teams respond to privacy requests, like DSAR, right to know, or right to be forgotten, quickly, easily, and within time limits of different regulations. Easily identify data drift from established policies in Data Maps for usage, storage, and retention.


We help teams:


  • Leverage built-in privacy and regulatory intelligence

  • Use discovery technology to accurately discover, inventory, and classify sensitive and regulated data.

  • Comply with privacy laws and quickly respond to requests for information 


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Sensitive data should never be stored in a file with open access permissions. Over-privileged access is a key risk to data that can be reduced by only sharing sensitive data with people who are authorized or granted specific permissions. 


We help teams:


  • Automate the discovery of sensitive data with open sharing access to alert data governance teams or data owners 

  • Trigger automatic workflows to disable sharing


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Cover your entire data ecosystem with pre-built connectors

The OneTrust logo in the center of a network of services that include Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Google Drive, among others.

OneTrust Data Discovery & Classification connects to virtually any data store you have to scan, classify, and catalog your data. On-prem, cloud and SaaS, Big Data, structured and unstructured, messaging and email—with more than 200 connectors and an open SDK, OneTrust covers your entire data ecosystem at scale.

Customer spotlight

With Data Discovery, we have true visibility and control over our data. This allows us to find and fix risks before they become incidents.
CISO, Large retail brand
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