Data Discovery & Governance

Understand your enterprise data, where it lives, and how it’s used

Govern your data effectively with a solution that protects the privacy, security, and integrity of data, and provides complete visibility and control so you can reduce data risk. 

  • Build trust by ensuring sensitive data is known, protected, and used responsibly
  • Integrate industry-leading regulatory intelligence into your data lifecycle 
  • Define and orchestrate policies related to data access, retention, protection, and more    

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Build trust with responsible data governance practices 

Discover, classify, inventory, and map sensitive data no matter where it is. With more than 200 pre-built connectors into data sources like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Snowflake, DataBricks, Box, Google Drive, and more, we can help you know your data and apply security and privacy policies to it.

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Whether you’re looking to implement GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001, or any other data governance framework, OneTrust can help automate workflows to ensure you’re meeting all applicable data security rules and privacy regulations. Define and orchestrate policies to reduce data risk, retain and delete data according to custom or regulatory schedules, or minimize your data footprint and attack surface.  

Interface where a user could search for a customer record by identifier and categories.

Data discovery is the first step in any data governance program. Next comes what actions should ultimately be taken with that digital information to ensure it’s appropriately protected and managed. OneTrust can automate enforcement actions like retention, deletion, movement, and redaction across your data stores, and integrate with existing data catalogs, security, and governance tools like ServiceNow, Jira, Microsoft Purview, Alation, Collibra, and more than 500 others.

Series of actions to ensure digital information is protected and managed

See the results of your data governance strategy by reviewing trends in data hygiene, like where sensitive data has been found, and looking at policy violations to identify areas of program improvement. Prove the effectiveness of your data governance initiatives with dashboards, metrics, and reports. 

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Explore Data Governance modules 

Data Discovery

Scan, classify, and control all of your data across your entire data estate 

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Data Catalog

Empower privacy and security teams with intelligent data and context 

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ROT data is a security issue: How are you handling it?

Automating data discovery is the first step in classifying obsolete digital information

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Data governance provides the guidelines for everyone in an organization to collect, use, manage, protect, retain, and delete information. It can help inform decisions around where data should be stored, who has access to it, what can be done with it, and how to control it throughout its lifecycle. Done well, data governance can improve data security, optimize storage cost, extract value from the data, and ultimately build customer trust.

Alignment with government and industry regulations, appropriate security controls, compliance with written data policies pertaining to trust, use, retention, and disposal, and the ability to independently and objectively verify that the policies of a program are being followed.

Data governance deals with the strategy and policies that organizational stakeholders implement to cover data collection, storage, use, and disposition. It determines the use and structure of your data for the benefit of the business, focusing on compliance, security, and ownership of the data assets. 


Data management is the execution of the governance strategy and policies laid out by the organization. It focuses on developing and maintaining processes, standards, and administrative controls on the data. 

Our platform automatically discovers data across all of your systems, on-prem, in the cloud, in SaaS and IaaS providers, big data platforms, and messaging solutions. This complete coverage allows you to automatically discover, classify, and orchestrate policies that apply to your data, reducing the program management burden on your team. 

Yes, our platform is built with the belief that effective data governance supports compliance and builds trust in the reliability of your enterprise data. We’ll help you discover and catalog your organization’s data according to the latest data standards so you can achieve and maintain compliance while building consumer trust. 

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