End-to-End Security Certification Compliance

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Receive Expert Guidance & Built-In Content

Deploy the standard(s) you need, architected by an expert team of IT and security compliance experts.

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Test Once, Comply Many

Manage multiple business units and frameworks in one place to ensure compliance-required evidence is captured. Receive real-time alerts for security anomalies.

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Fast-Track Audit Readiness

Manage your security program all the way through your internal and external audits. Collaborate to remediate findings and create a system of record for subsequent audits.

XOi Technologies

How XOi Technologies Scaled with Certification Automation

Being able to achieve ISO compliance unlocked $6,000,000 in pipeline revenue for us. That’s only just a few clients, but those were clients we literally could not have landed without the platform.

Adam Jaggers, CTO

Make Security a Competitive Advantage

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Right-Size Your Security & Privacy Programs

We simplify security standards by providing you with templates written by a team of security compliance experts with expertise in IT and auditing. This documentation, combined with scoping wizards and risk assessments will help you right-size your security and privacy programs and implement the right audit-ready controls as efficiently as possible.

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Test Once, Comply Many Across Multiple Frameworks and Standards

Implementing any single framework can mean adding over 100 controls for SOC2, PCI DSS, or ISO, and over 1000 controls for NIST. This effort compounds quickly when you apply multiple frameworks across your many business units. Our software allows you to configure your controls organization-wide in areas of overlap or individually for unit-specific items like data encryption, saving you unnecessary work across your business units and security frameworks.

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Leverage Integrations for Continuous Compliance

Prove you’re compliant and stay secure with automated integrations that collect evidence from the tools you already know and use. We go beyond evidence collection — verifying that it will pass the test — and alert you to problems automatically. This not only reduces the burden on your InfoSec team to collect manually, but you’ll also get real-time updates on your security posture and be able to fix deficiencies or anomalies prior to your audit.

Learn more about our integrations.

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Gain Oversight and Establish Ownership

Security teams are small yet have a large responsibility to ensure the appropriate security controls are applied and everyone is following best practices to safeguard organizational and personal data. Make sure nothing slips through the cracks​ by delegating relevant tasks to non-InfoSec employees and easily monitor status to ensure evidence is appropriately collected at each interval.

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Centralize & Simplify Collaboration with External Auditors​

Many security standards will require a third-party examination to achieve certification and almost all security standards will require internal audit compliance. Save time with real-time status visible to you and your auditors. Ensure you are managing that examination process so you can more easily collaborate, remediate findings and build a system of record for future audit and security needs.

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