Certification Automation

Build, scale, and automate your security compliance program

Implement required information security, data privacy, or cybersecurity standards across your organization to build a compliant, risk-based culture.

  • Automate scoping of compliance requirements for your security program
  • Efficiently gather evidence across the business 
  • Streamline collaboration with external auditors

Make security a competitive advantage 

We simplify security standards by providing you with control implementation guidance and auto-generation of InfoSec policies. Our scoping wizard will help you right-size your program and implement the appropriate audit-ready security controls as efficiently as possible.

Certification Automation gives results from readiness project surveys that cover a many regulations and industry standards.

Implementing any one framework can require over 100 controls for SOC 2, PCI DSS, or ISO, and over 1000 controls for NIST, which compounds quickly. We'll help you configure security controls to account for areas of overlap while meeting unit-specific needs like data encryption.

Graphs and assessment test results help guide managers on which controls they should implement.

Demonstrate compliance and stay secure with automated integrations that collect evidence from the tools you already know and use. Going beyond evidence collection, we verify that it will pass the test — and alert you to problems automatically. This reduces the burden on your InfoSec team and provides real-time updates on your security posture so you can fix deficiencies or anomalies prior to your audit. 

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Invite external auditors into the platform to more easily share audit artifacts, remediate issues, and provide real-time audit status. It’s a win-win.

Certification Automation shows where managers could effectively assign tasks to employees and track progress.

Empowering your cyber defense: Key insights into the latest NIST CSF update with PwC

Customer testimonial

Being able to achieve ISO compliance unlocked $6,000,000 in pipeline revenue for us. That’s only just a few clients, but those were clients we literally could not have landed without the platform.
Adam Jaggers, CTO, XOI Technologies
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Strengthen your security practices and apply the right compliance controls 

Meeting compliance requirements in an ever-evolving landscape can be challenging. We support over 20 security and privacy frameworks along with custom frameworks to help you every step of the way.


Build and maintain security at each step of the third-party lifecycle to meet SOC 2 requirements.

ISO 27001

Develop your information security management system (ISMS) in accordance with ISO 27001.


Demonstrate accountability for the GDPR requirements and enforce the governance across your data landscape.


Reinforce your compliance program and perform risk assessments to comply with HIPAA guidelines.

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