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Data Access Governance

Find and remediate overly permissive access to data

Sensitive data should never be stored in a file with open access permissions. Over-privileged access is a key risk to data that can be reduced by only sharing sensitive data with people who are authorized or granted specific permissions. 

  • Automate the discovery of sensitive data with open sharing access to alert data governance teams or data owners
  • Trigger automatic workflows to disable sharing 

Graphic depicting data identification and securing said data if it's public

Sensitive data requires access control 

Ensuring sensitive data is controlled and restricted to only those who have legitimate business and legal need is crucial to comply with regulations, protect proprietary company data, and maintain customer trust. 

Easily understand where data access control might be needed

Detect sensitive data stored in open access or in locations with public access.

 Graphic depicting the identification of public data and making it private

Automatically trigger the removal of public links or open sharing when certain data types are found in your data estate. Or move data to sanctioned, secured data stores.

Graphic depicting the process of scanning data, finding non-public data and securing/privatizing data and links

June 06, 2024

Catch it live: See the all-new features in OneTrust's Spring Release and Post-TrustWeek recap

Join us as Ryan Karlin, Senior Director of Product Marketing highlights important updates from TrustWeek including an inside look into OneTrust's new platform features that make it easier for customers to activate data responsibly, surface and mitigate risk, and navigate the complex regulatory environment.

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