Data Catalog

Empower the business with intelligent data

Turn compliance workflows into data intelligence so your teams spend less time sifting through data sets and more time delivering value.

  • Populate your data asset inventory, data dictionary, and business glossary with metadata
  • Maintain relationships and visualize complex data flows with data lineage
  • Manage and enforce rule-based data policies in the context of applicable regulatory guidelines

Build the foundation of your data governance program 

Deploy a self-service portal for business users to easily search and filter across any property, object, or enterprise data element using business terms or technical metadata. Gain real-time visibility into the origin, use, and format of the data and quickly see how data is classified or where it’s stored. 

Interface that allows users to search their data catalog with a variety of filters.

For technical metadata to add value to data consumers, it must be extracted from automated scans into a data dictionary with the appropriate business terms. Our data catalog tools utilize AI and machine learning to enrich your data sources with classification and tagging. 

OneTrust's advanced AI extracts metadata from scanned data and translates it into readable business terms.

Re-use data from automated assessments, IT Risk Management, and more to drive an efficient governance program. Build policies that support regulatory compliance use cases and visualize data flows within your ecosystem – from source systems to downstream BI tools and reporting dashboards.

Visual data flow that shows how information from two customers ended up in an Adobe Analytics database.

ROT data is a security issue: How are you handling it?

Automating data discovery is the first step in classifying obsolete digital information

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