1 | Find

Identify your systems and data assets to create a comprehensive data inventory


2 | Discover

Full meta-data scans to classify and enrich structured and un-structured data

3 | Catalog

Map technical meta-data, classification tags, and business terms to central catalog

Assess Effectiveness

4 | Manage

Link to regulatory requirements and standards and apply and enforce policies

5 | Visualize

Visualize data flows and lineage and demonstrate compliance with reports and dashboards

Find Your IT Systems and Assets

  • Connect Athena to known sources of system information to find all systems and assets
  • Experience fastest time-to-value with 500+ pre-built connectors​
  • Identify all IT systems, assets and vendors and automatically create comprehensive data inventories
  • ​Leverage combination of real-time connections and scheduled scans to keep inventories evergreen

Discover, Categorize and Classify Meta-Data in Each System

  • Connect Athena directly to each discovered IT system, application gateways, middleware, and aggregation layers
  • Support for cloud, on-premise, and legacy systems and structured and unstructured data​
  • Leverage AI and ML models to categorize, classify, enrich, and tag data
  • OneTrust Athena™ AI learns from both your data sets and OneTrust DataGuidance™ to optimize classification over time

Populate Discovered Data Into Comprehensive Catalog

  • Create a central view of your data assets in the OneTrust Data Catalog
  • Link catalog to business glossaries and automate population of detailed data dictionary with discovery results
  • Locate data and understand relationships and usage through business and technical search capabilities
  • Search and report across technical meta-data, business terms, classification tags, and more

Manage Policies and Stewardship of Data

  • Automatically apply policies and controls based on classification of data
  • Leverage collaborative workflows to establish ownership, responsibility, and stewardship of data
  • Empower the business with data through self-service data usage request workflows

Visualize, Report and Demonstrate Compliance

  • Automate business and technical data lineage diagrams to understand data relationships and use
  • Generate compliance reporting to demonstrate compliance with in-scope regulations
  • Gain insights and drive business decisions through dashboards and metrics on your data

500+ Pre-Built Connectors

Quickest time to value through the largest number of pre-built connectors. Plus, build your own custom connectors with Athena drag-and-drop workflow builder.

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