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Data Discovery & Classification

Understand the sensitive data you have and control its lifecycle

Visibility into your data, where it is, and who has access to it is foundational to your business. Automatically inventory and classify your data to enable responsible use across its entire lifecycle.

  • Govern data for responsible use in analytics & AI
  • Orchestrate data policies for privacy and security
  • Improve data security posture management
  • Protect structured and unstructured data

Illustration of a data subject request, its metadata, the consumers involved with the request, and a progress meter showing which stage of the fulfillment process the request is currently in.

Scalable, smart data discovery 

Discover personal, sensitive, and other data in unstructured file shares, structured databases, big data storage, SaaS applications, and other cloud solutions. Scan complex data, including PDFs, ZIP files, and images with full OCR capabilities. From megabytes to petabytes, Data Discovery & Classification scales to meet the demands of even the largest enterprise datasets. 

Full data visibility means greater confidence across data and security programs 

Data Discovery & Classification has scanning capabilities that go far beyond just capturing metadata. Our technology goes to field- and file-level depth to increase data visibility, improves classification accuracy, and enables true DSAR automation.

Interface that allows users to search their data catalog with a variety of filters

No matter what technology you use for data storage, OneTrust gives you the ability to discover, classify, and catalog data from virtually any system in your organization. Coverage of your data sources is possible via pre-built connectors into popular structured and unstructured data sources, like Snowflake, Salesforce, SAP, Box, AWS S3, Google Drive, Microsoft SQL, OneDrive, and hundreds more. And for bespoke or custom data stores, Data Discovery & Classification has open SDK for any organization to build their own connectors. 

The OneTrust logo in the center of a network of services that include Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Google Drive, among others.

Integrate with our Privacy Management tools or other existing ticketing and ITSM tools like ServiceNow or Zendesk to identify, track, and fulfill consumer and data subject requests. Communicate and share request deliverables via a secure messaging portal. 

OneTrust's AI helps automate consumer rights requests and produces accurate data.

Use data analysis to enrich metadata, map to business glossaries, and give business users control of relevant data. Enforce controls like encryption, masking, and access controls and build a real-time data visualization map or record of processing activities to better understand privacy requirements. 

Graphic that shows insights on how data had been processed in a system, from entry to deletion.

Deep structured and unstructured data discovery and classification capabilities, powered by regulatory intelligence from the world’s largest source of regulatory research, can easily be integrated with other third-party catalogs and data management tools.

Graphic depicting data catalog search

June 06, 2024

Catch it live: See the all-new features in OneTrust's Spring Release and Post-TrustWeek recap

Join us as Ryan Karlin, Senior Director of Product Marketing highlights important updates from TrustWeek including an inside look into OneTrust's new platform features that make it easier for customers to activate data responsibly, surface and mitigate risk, and navigate the complex regulatory environment.

Explore additional Data Discovery & Classification capabilities 

Privacy by design is standard

OneTrust employs privacy by design standards so customers can rest assured their data is never copied or sent outside of their environment, nor is customer data used to train AI models outside of their environment. 

Extensible ecosystem

Our Data Discovery & Classification capabilities extend to virtually any data source via a library of hundreds of pre-built connectors, as well as our open SDK for custom or unique data systems.

Low cost of ownership, high ROI

Leveraging AI, expert implementation guidance, and best practices learned and applied from more than 14,000 customers, we make your data discovery journey easy, effective, and efficient.

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