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Data Retention & Deletion

Automatically retain and delete data based on context and content

The more data you keep, the more exposed you are to attack or misuse. Easily identify data that violates your retention policies and automate deletion processes to reduce risk. 

  • Find and classify sensitive or regulated data
  • Apply custom retention policies, or use regulatory intelligence from DataGuidance, to create policies depending on jurisdiction or industry
  • Automatically find redundant, obsolete, or trivial data and action it for archival or deletion through integrations, removing manual efforts

Graphic depicting corporate resume getting flagged for deletion after a specific date per the company HR retention policy

Maintain regulatory compliance while automating data retention and deletion

With intelligent data discovery and classification, embedded global retention schedules, and data policy orchestration, you can orchestrate data retention and deletion at scale for your organization. 

Align data retention and deletion with regulations and internal policies to reduce risk 

Ensure data is retained consistent with customer consent, business need, and regulatory requirements before entering the deletion phase of the data lifecycle. Easily use DataGuidance regulatory research as a starting point for retention schedules for sensitive or regulated data, ensuring that your baseline is consistent with your jurisdictions and industry.

Graphic depicting California state retention policies and flagging an form for deletion after a certain date

Reduce data sprawl and ROT data by implementing data retention and deletion tags and classifications at the moment of data collection or creation.

Graphic depicting three separate documents flagged "obsolete", "Trivial" and "Redundant"

Automate the enforcement of your policies via integrations with third-party systems to automatically do things like retain, quarantine, archive, or delete data.

Graphic depicting a data minimization policy and showing the deletion of any documents tagged "delete"

June 06, 2024

Catch it live: See the all-new features in OneTrust's Spring Release and Post-TrustWeek recap

Join us as Ryan Karlin, Senior Director of Product Marketing highlights important updates from TrustWeek including an inside look into OneTrust's new platform features that make it easier for customers to activate data responsibly, surface and mitigate risk, and navigate the complex regulatory environment.

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