Targeted Data Discovery

Automate Fulfillment of Your DSAR Requests

Targeted Data Discovery 

Global privacy laws, like the CCPA and GDPR have changed the way organizations must track data – requiring organizations to find an efficient way to discover what data they have, how it is used, where it exists, who has access to it, where it flows, and how it is protected.

Understanding how data is flowing through your organization is a pre-requisite to fulfill consumer and data subject rights requests (DSAR). For example, maintaining a data map and inventory helps organizations more efficiently respond to data subject rights requests to delete, correct, access, or port their data, but traditional data discovery can be complex and at times provide information that isn’t relevant to a specific request.

The OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery solution addresses these challenges with a flexible integration framework that pinpoints and extracts data for a specified individual – streamlining the DSAR process from start to finish.

OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery Solution

The OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery solution is designed to integrate with industry-leading customer relationship management (CRM), IT service management (ITSM), and human resource information system (HRIS) tools, in addition to hundreds of pre-integrated solutions available in the OneTrust Integration Marketplace. Organizations can also build their own integration systems using OneTrust’s developer portal or professional services. ​

Our Targeted Data Discovery process works across multiple IT systems in parallel, both in cloud or on-premise, and can be used to access, delete, port, or take other actions on the identified data directly in the backend system. The tool integrates deeply with the OneTrust Consumer and Data Subject Rights Management solution to help find and retrieve information across systems for faster request fulfillment, as well as OneTrust’s Data Inventory & Mapping technology to automatically identify and detect inventories of IT systems and the data within them.​

OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery

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Automate Consumer and Data Subject Rights Requests (DSAR)

Automate the Fulfillment of Data Subject Rights (DSAR) & Consumer Requests

Building and maintaining records of processing activities are challenging yet crucial activities for successful GDPR, CCPA, and global privacy compliance. Targeted Data Discovery with OneTrust helps companies maintain records on a global scale. Automatically “lookup” data for a specified individual in cloud or on-premise systems, maintain security standards with data review, redaction, and approval workflows, and leverage hundreds of pre-integrated systems from the OneTrust Integration Marketplace.

Automatically Find & Ingest Targeted Data from Your IT Systems

Targeted Data Discovery with OneTrust integrates with industry leading third-party IT service management tools to automatically discover and retrieve personal information residing across platforms. The data is then pulled into OneTrust to fulfill consumer and data subject requests and keep your data map up-to-date. ​

Leverage a Powerful API Workflow Engine

The OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery solution leverages an API workflow engine that allows multiple API calls to backend systems which work together through fully automated actions or a combination of automated and manual steps.

Expand Additional Use Cases with the OneTrust Data Discovery Partner Program

Generating and maintaining data maps takes a multi-faceted approach, and since many organizations leverage existing data discovery solutions to identify systems and data it holds, OneTrust launched the OneTrust Data Discovery Partner Program with a number of diverse providers of data discovery solutions. An up-to-date list of Data Discovery partners can be found on the OneTrust Integrations Marketplace website. When data discovery scans are synced into OneTrust, companies can reconcile and validate that the proper information is residing in OneTrust, add new systems and data found in the scan, and trigger additional fact finding within OneTrust to enrich the information found via the discovery solution.  

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