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Not Your Average Data Discovery

The emergence of global privacy laws like the CCPA and GDPR now require businesses across the world to comply with large volumes of consumer and data subject rights requests. Responding to these requests is a time-consuming process full of manual tasks – making it a challenge to respond to the regulatory requirements for Consumer Rights Requests and the need to detect exactly where consumer data exists, in order to access, port, delete it, or comply with CCPA opt-outs.

As data models become more complex and consumers continue to exercise their consumer privacy rights, manual tasks to fulfill these requests is no longer scalable for businesses of all sizes.

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Targeted Data Discovery: Not Your Average Data Discovery

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OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery Solution

Targeted Data Discovery fully automates the manual tasks required to discover, delete, redact, opt out and process access, deletion, or CCPA opt-out of sale requests – retrieving a single person’s information in relevant systems only.

Full Process Automation

Targeted Data Discovery fully automates the manual tasks required to discover, delete, redact, opt out and process access, deletion, or CCPA opt-out of sale requests – retrieving a single person’s information in relevant systems only.

Support For Any System

Designed to integrate with industry-leading CRM, IT management, and HR tools, in addition to hundreds of pre-integrated solutions. Or build your own integration systems using  OneTrust’s  developer portal or professional services.

Faster Request Fulfillment

Targeted Data Discovery integrates deeply with the OneTrust Consumer and Data Subject Rights Management solution to help find and retrieve information across systems for fully automated, faster fulfillment.

Replace Manual Tasks with OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery


Systems for data


When you find it


From multiple sources


Unstructured data


Data in systems


Identity across systems

OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery

Fully Automate the Intake & Fulfillment of Consumer Rights Requests

Automate the Fulfillment of Consumer & Data Subject Rights Requests (DSAR)

OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery fully automates the manual tasks required to perform an access, deletion, or CCPA opt-out request. From simple tasks like database searching to the more complex like processing combination workflows with multiple identities and cross-referencing various systems – streamlining your entire consumer rights process, saving your organization valuable time and money.  

• Automate each manual step used to process consumer rights and opt-out of sale requests with the right exception rules to flag outliers 
• Support all data classifications including structured, unstructured, on-premise, in cloud, and email 
• Leverage hundreds of pre-integrated systems from the OneTrust Integration Marketplace    

Leverage a Powerful Automation Workflow Engine

The OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery solution leverages an automation workflow engine that allows multiple API calls to backend systems which work together through fully automated actions. Leverage robotic process automation to analyze and detect the movement and storage of data across applications. 

• Discover and sync IT system inventories from CRMs, Marketing Automation, CASBs, CMDBs, and Identity as a Service tools 
• Create manual review and redaction steps that can be inserted prior to responding directly to a data access, portability, or deletion request 
• Expand additional use cases with the OneTrust Traditional Data Discovery Partner Program​ 

Expand Additional Use Cases with the OneTrust Traditional Data Discovery Partner Program

In addition to OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery technology, OneTrust offers an enterprise data discovery integration marketplace for organizations to use their broader data discovery tools within OneTrust, further automating privacy management activities and records of processing activities.   

Generating and maintaining data maps takes a multi-faceted approach, and since many organizations leverage existing data discovery solutions to identify systems and data it holds, OneTrust launched the OneTrust Data Discovery Partner Program with a number of diverse providers of data discovery solutions. An up-to-date list of Data Discovery partners can be found on the OneTrust Integrations Marketplace website. When data discovery scans are synced into OneTrust, companies can reconcile and validate that the proper information is residing in OneTrust, add new systems and data found in the scan, and trigger additional fact finding within OneTrust to enrich the information found via the discovery solution.  

   For additional information, or to request a live OneTrust Privacy Management Software demo, visit or email [email protected]  

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OneTrust “Hackathon”

Custom Mock Build-Out and Walk-Through of OneTrust In-Action for your Business
The OneTrust Hackathon allows business to see a custom, in-person build-out of OneTrust specifically for their business needs. Businesses gain access to two full-time OneTrust resources onsite for a week and get live Q&A with all stakeholders in the room as you discuss business outcomes, define a success plan, set criteria for success and build-out logic and webforms.
Hackathon gives businesses insight to best practices of how similar companies are approaching the same business challenges and is an opportunity to see exactly how OneTrust will benefit your business before having to 100% fully commit.

Full integration of your top 3 systems

Whiteboarding sessions, demos & configuration

Documentation of system integration architecture

All work completed throughout Hackathon is reusable

Cost credited to implementation if purchased