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Third-Party Due Diligence

Assess your third parties to preserve your company values

Automate third-party screening, risk management, and monitoring to elevate your compliance program.  

  • Trigger risk management workflows with data source integrations 
  • Use due diligence screening to auto-calculate risks and observe mitigation recommendations 
  • Get real-time, contextual alerts and report on risk trends over time 

Image showing the number of data and security breaches, and a continuous monitoring graphic

Reduce third-party and reputational risk

Gain deeper visibility into third parties through our compliance screening provider integration. Run compliance checks against adverse media, sanctions lists, and other sources like PEP lists, anti-slavery, bribery and corruption, and more. Identify and provide coverage for third parties that pose a higher risk, be it financial, reputational or regulatory, with Enhanced Due Diligence reports.

Image showing process of getting deeper visibility into a vendor, including a questionnaire, a report, and in-depth assessment.

Keep third parties across your supply chain in a centralized directory that’s prioritized by automated risk tiering. Easily access details from internal and external sources.

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Out-of-the-box risk assessment templates and risk scoring options enable you to track and prioritize risks, implement appropriate treatment plans and collaborate on remediation activities to meet regulatory and code of conduct standards. 

Image showing a risk assessment template for a vendor

Utilize data intelligence feeds and alerts to understand changes in a third party’s risk over time. Trigger workflows, reminders, or reassessments based on your preferences. Access and share audit-ready reports to demonstrate your risk management program performance. 

Image showing the number of low, medium, and critical risks identified

September 12, 2024

From reactive to proactive: Transforming your ethics & compliance program

Join this webinar to hear experts explore actionable strategies employed by Ethics & Compliance programs to drive a more ethical culture.

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Demonstrate internal and third-party ethics and compliance

Our Ethics and Compliance Cloud supports you in implementing third-party risk management, complying with applicable global regulations, and building a culture of trust. 


Exercise internal and third-party due diligence to achieve and maintain Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance. 

UK Bribery Act

Mitigate third-party corruption risks to ensure UK Bribery Act compliance. 

Sapin II

Develop a comprehensive framework for anti-corruption measures, inclusive of third parties, to meet Sapin II compliance requirements. 


Establish a centralized third-party due diligence program aligned to the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) risk management and reporting requirements. 

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