An Industry-Leading Third-Party Risk Management Solution

Vet and monitor your third parties to ensure compliance and protect brand reputation.

Automated Workflows

Unmatched integration with due diligence data sources trigger risk management workflows for data-driven automation.

Risk Calculation and Mitigation

Use due diligence screening results to automatically calculate risks with built-in escalation and mitigation recommendations.

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Monitoring and Contextual Alerts

Leverage due diligence data feeds and receive contextual alerts on your third parties in real time throughout your business relationships.

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Recordkeeping and Reporting

Automated activity trails and drill-down reporting and dashboards give complete visibility into risks, trends, and other key metrics.

Reduce Third-Party Related Risk

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Streamline Intake and Compliance Checks

Rich integrations with compliance screening providers give you deeper visibility into third parties. Run compliance checks against adverse media, sanctions lists, and other sources like PEP lists, Anti-Slavery, Bribery and Corruption, and more.

Example of Third Party Risk Management Centralized Directory

Centralize Third-Party Profiles

Keep all third parties in a convenient, centralized directory that’s prioritized by automated risk tiering. Easily access details on each third party with an editable profile, complete with data from both internal and external sources.

Risk Assessment Workflow Template Example

Automate Risk Assessments and Flagging

Out-of-the-box risk assessment templates and risk scoring options enable you to track and prioritize risks, implement appropriate treatment plans and collaborate on remediation activities. Edit risk scoring easily — no developers necessary.

Compliance Monitoring Product Screen Example

Monitor Compliance and Minimize Risk

Leverage data intelligence feeds and receive alerts to changes in a third party’s risk profile to help you to identify risks over time. When a risk profile changes, you can trigger workflows, reminders, or reassessments and even auto-assign certain tasks to the right risk owners.

Third-Party Risk Monitoring and Reporting Dashboard Graphic

Recordkeeping and Risk Reporting

Keep track of your third-party risk management program’s performance with easy-to-use dashboards. Access and effortlessly share deep insights into trends, key metrics, and critical risks. Be audit-ready with ongoing record keeping and out-of-the-box reporting template gallery.

Get Started with Third- Party Due Diligence

See how we can help your organization leverage third-party due diligence options to align with your ethics and compliance requirements.

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