Assess Vendors Faster with the Third-Party Risk Exchange

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Prioritize Vendors

Prioritize your vendor inventory with out-of-the-box inherent risk insights, calculated with a proprietary methodology, to understand the inherent risk your vendors pose.

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Build Trust

View Trust Profiles and assessment data on your vendors, which includes automatically calculated risk analytics and control gap reports.

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Stay Audit-Ready

Maintain records for compliance and audits with automated risk assessment evidence maintenance and ongoing activity tracking.

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Monitor Vendors

Get updates from your vendors when their security, privacy, and compliance posture changes, without ever having to conduct a reassessment.

Tap Into the Third-Party Risk Exchange Community to Prioritize, Assess, and Monitor Vendors with Ease

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Pinpoint Your High-Risk Vendors

Prioritize your vendor evaluation efforts with access to out-of-the-box Auto Inherent Risk scores. Use these scores and other vendor Trust Profile data within the Exchange to quickly tier your third parties.

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Get Access to Thousands of Vendor Trust Profiles

Access vendors’ Trust Profiles, complete with in-depth privacy, security, and compliance details as well as built-in cyber risk and ESG scores. Use the Exchange to conduct initial vendor research and quickly populate your vendor inventory using Trust Profile data already aggregated within the Third-Party Risk Exchange.

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Save Time with Automated Risk & Control Gap Analysis

Measure your vendors’ potential risks across 18 domains. Quickly request and unlock risk analytics without tedious assessment reviews while viewing control gaps mapped to your preferred framework (NIST, ISO, etc.), powered by the Shared Assessments SIG Lite.

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Improve Your Third-Party Risk Program with Powerful Reporting

Use dashboards and drill-down reports to track risk exposure, automate recordkeeping to maintain evidence of compliance, and generate executive-ready PDFs to provide board-level clarity.

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Monitor Vendor Risks, Compliance, and Controls Over Time

Receive updates when assessment answers and risk scores change. Also, get proactive alerts directly from vendors when they update security, privacy, and compliance information and evidence within their Trust Profile.

Get Started with the Third-Party Risk Exchange

Request a demo to assess vendors faster and immediately view Trust Profiles on thousands of vendors.

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