Prioritize your vendor inventory with out-of-the-box inherent risk insights, calculated with propriety methodology, to understand the risk your vendors pose.

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Eliminate manual work when conducting vendor risk assessments by accessing pre-completed assessments on thousands of vendors in the exchange.


Leverage risk analytics from each assessment in the Third-Party Risk Exchange with built-in mitigation recommendations from dozens of in-house researchers.

Pinpoint Your Riskiest Vendor Risks with Inherent Risk Insights

  • Rapidly categorize new & existing vendors by inherent risk levels
  • Save time by conducting only the right depth of due diligence
  • Focus your risk reduction efforts where they’re needed most

Faster Due Diligence with Pre-Completed Vendor Risk Assessments

  • Replace spreadsheet assessments with pre-completed ones
  • Get answers faster and spend less time tracking down vendors
  • Focus attention on priority projects instead of risk assessments

Make Sense of Assessment Answers with Automated Risk & Gap Analysis

  • Reduce lengthy assessment reviews with risk analytics and reports
  • Align risk results with your preferred risk methodology
  • Communicate with vendors to discuss security & compliance gaps

Exchange Assessments Map to Leading Industry Standards, Frameworks, and Global Laws

Pre-completed assessments within the exchange address security, privacy, and compliance requirements across industries and locations.

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