A New Approach to Third-Party Risk Monitoring

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Prioritize Third Parties

Prioritize your third parties and inform evaluation processes with out-of-the-box risk scores, no separate licensing required.

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Build Trust

Build trust with third parties by gaining a holistic view of their risk posture across security, privacy, ethics, ESG, and other critical domains.

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Monitor Third Parties

Get updates when risk scores and important information changes, without having to conduct a reassessment.

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Add Immediate, Ongoing Insights to Your Third-Party Inventory

Populate inventory records on all your third parties with up-to-date risk intelligence, enabling you to keep a pulse on your extended enterprise between assessments. Link Exchange data from SecurityScorecard, RiskRecon, SupplyWisdom, ISS Corporate Solutions, and other providers directly to your inventory for ongoing monitoring.

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Leverage Risk Data to Tailor Evaluation and Assessment Depth

Use out-of-the-box data to make risk-informed decisions on the depth of third-party assessments and requirements for ongoing monitoring. Ensure your team is spending their time and energy on the third parties that present the most risk to your organization.

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Listen for Data Changes and Automate Actions as Risks Arise

Get notified when a third party’s risk score changes. Configure workflows that use the data as automation triggers, enabling you to take immediate action without manual intervention, such as flagging a risk, notifying key stakeholders, or sending a reassessment.

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See Multiple Data Intelligence Feeds in a Single Dashboard

View more than a dozen data points on your third parties in one pane of glass, no integrations required. Drill down beyond the high-level scores to see the granular details relating to critical risk factors, such as network, application, and endpoint security, as well as financial, operations, compliance, and ESG domains.

Get Started with the Third-Party Risk Exchange

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