EU-US DPF: What next for UK businesses?


In July, the European Commission published its final Adequacy Decision for personal data flows to the US based on the new EU-US Data Privacy Framework (DPF).

In the build-up to the Adequacy Decision, President Biden and Prime Minister Sunak announced in June that they had committed to establish a data bridge allowing for the free flow of data between the UK and the US.  

Whilst the UK-US Extension to the DPF is expected imminently, what should organizations be doing now when it comes to UK-US data transfers, how can they prepare for the Extension, and what practical steps are needed to transition from being Privacy Shield-certified to DPF-certified? 

Join our expert panel as they dissect the decision and discuss: 

  • How should UK businesses react and practical applications 
  • Implications for UK businesses also operating in the EU 
  • How to move on from Privacy Shield and get DPF certified 
  • State of play of the UK-US Data Bridge 

Featured speakers

Marco Barone

Senior Counsel, Data Privacy

Chrysilla de Vere

Global Privacy Counsel and Data Protection Officer

Iain Borner

CEO & Co-Founder
The Data Privacy Group

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