The ultimate guide to CCPA compliance

Download the Ultimate Guide to CCPA Compliance eBook to discover the key compliance areas that you should consider when building a CCPA compliant privacy program.

The introduction of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was a turning point for privacy law in the United States, with an estimated half a million companies in the US being affected by the law. The CCPA was introduced in October 2017 by Californians for Consumer Privacy and became the first comprehensive privacy law to be passed in the US.

The CCPA gives Californian consumers greater control over their personal information and the way it is used by organizations. The CCPA introduces new consumer rights as well as a requirement for businesses to inform consumers of certain information at the time of collection and through privacy policies. 

Compliance with the CCPA means that organizations that fall under its scope can demonstrably meet the obligations set out in the law. This includes fulfilling new consumer rights and respecting the new definition of personal information. 

This eBook provides you with everything you need to know to get your CCPA compliance program up and running. Find out more about OneTrust can assist with CCPA compliance by requesting a demo.

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