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Schrems II Tools and Templates

Start operationalizing the Schrems II decision today with free access to OneTrust Schrems II Solutions including free templates to help assess third countries, vendors, and SCC validity. OneTrust’s Schrems II Solutions include Vendor Risk Management, the Vendorpedia Exchange, Data Mapping, and DataGuidance and help organizations:

  • Identify data transfers and the mechanisms relied upon with OneTrust Data Mapping
  • Assess vendors relying on SCCs with pre-built SCC validation templates in OneTrust Vendor Risk Management
  • Reduce the burden of these vendor assessments through pre-completed assessments and chasing services in the OneTrust Vendorpedia Exchange
  • Manage contract updates and vendor on-boarding and off-boarding through OneTrust Vendor Risk Management
  • Get instant alerts on new Schrems II guidance with OneTrust DataGuidance Regulatory Research

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