Solutions for GDPR Compliance

Operationalize compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation

Demonstrate accountability for the EU’s GDPR requirements and enforce the governance of these policies and principles across your data landscape with OneTrust.

GDPR compliance

One platform for GDPR compliance and governance

Implement proactive measures to comply with the world’s most comprehensive data privacy law and build a sustainable culture of trust for your organization.

The GDPR sets out seven key principles for personal data processing. By completing an assessment, you can identify gaps in your privacy program and create a plan to integrate data protection into your business practices. 

Automate privacy impact assessments (PIAs) and data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) where the processing of personal data is likely to result in high risk. Get the content, templates, and integrations you need to consistently safeguard personal data. 

Keep records of your processing activities by generating a central inventory of data flows. Do this through questionnaires, scanning, workshops, or a bulk import while maintaining an evergreen data catalog with automatic feeds from ongoing assessments. 

For processing customer data based on consent, embed a centralized consent solution into your website, devices, and internal systems to capture consent across channels and enforce consent governance in downstream business and marketing systems. 

User interface (UI) elements from the Consent and Preference Management module that show the number of consent transactions, the total receipts, and a circle graph breaking down the receipts by purpose.

Build and configure web forms to capture data subject access requests (DSARs) and automate the end-to-end request process from initial intake to fulfillment, including automated data discovery and redaction, or erasure, of sensitive information. 

User interface for a web form creator that allows custom fields, text, and styling.

Reduce third-party risk by conducting due diligence upon initial onboarding and scheduling re-audits. Create a central record of vendors, contracts, data transfers, and security obligations by sending assessment questionnaires directly to your suppliers, service providers, or third parties. 

User interface (UI) elements from the Supplier Due Diligence module that displays the number of vendors with risks and a bar graph that breaks down those risks by organization and level.

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We’re here to help demystify the world’s most comprehensive data protection directive. Explore answers to frequently asked questions below. 

We’ll help you mitigate the risks associated with non-compliance by providing visibility into data privacy incidents so you can quickly identify what data is affected, how it’s used, who has access, and where it flows. With built-in research and metrics to understand the impact of an incident, you can centrally manage incidents, streamline investigations, automate tasks, and keep records for compliance and breach notification.

Our global contributor network of lawyers, researchers, and translators provide contextually relevant updates from the desk of the supervisory authority to your data protection officer (DPO) via the OneTrust platform, so your privacy program management activities consistently map to the latest GDPR requirements.    

Leverage our built-in business intelligence engine to automate compliance reporting as well as KPIs and Board reporting to demonstrate the value your program provides in the protection of personal data. 

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