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How OneTrust Helps

OneTrust helps both data exporters and importers operationalize the EDPB’s guidelines with an enhanced set of tools, guidance, and templates. For data exporters, OneTrust’s Schrems II Solutions help carry out the EDPB’s six step roadmap, including pre-built templates to assess third countries, perform Transfer Impact Assessments (TIAs), and evaluate the effectiveness of supplementary measures. For data importers, OneTrust helps operationalize holistic privacy and security programs through the OneTrust privacy, security, and data governance platform, ensuring that the proper operational processes, technical controls, and compliance mechanisms have been implemented across the organization.


Data Mapping | Vendor Risk Management

Verify Transfer


Data Mapping | Vendor Risk Management

Assess Effectiveness


TIAs | 3rd Country Research

Adopt measures


Data Mapping | Vendor Risk Management

Update Contracts


Vendor Risk Management



Vendor Risk Management | 3rd Country Research

Assess 3rd Country


Assess Third Countries



Create, Host & Track Updates

TIA Response


Respond & Share Documentation

Assess Third Countries

Identify Data Transfers & the Mechanisms Relied Upon with OneTrust Data Mapping

  • Identify and visualize data transfers from the EU to third countries​
  • Easily filter based on transfer mechanism to prioritize data transfers relying on Privacy Shield, SCCs & BCRs
  • Document alternative transfer mechanism if relying on Privacy Shield
COVID-19 Assessments

Assess Vendors Relying on SCCs with OneTrust Vendor Risk Management

  • Evaluate vendors relying on SCCs with pre-built SCC validation templates
  • Evaluate third-country equivalency and whether the vendor is bound by government surveillance law
  • Document additional controls that may be put in place for GDPR equivalent protection

Reduce the Burden of Vendor Assessments with the Vendorpedia Exchange

  • Leverage assessments-as-a-service through the Vendorpedia Chasing Services
  • Access pre-completed assessments and vendor profiles on 70,000+ vendors through the Exchange
  • If we don’t have the assessment you need, our expert chasing agents will work with your vendor to get the assessment completed, saving your team time and effort

Manage Risk and Response to Vendor Assessments

  • Review risks flagged by vendor assessments and determine next steps through a risk-based approach
  • Manage contract and DPA updates, and vendor onboarding and offboarding lifecycles
  • Tie results back into your data map for ongoing monitoring and to keep up-to-date records of processing
Schrems II DataGuidance

Get Instant Updates on Schrems II News and Guidance with OneTrust DataGuidance™

  • Stay up-to-date with EDPB and DPA guidance
  • Access our Schrems II portal with the latest news, opinions, and FAQs
  • Leverage data transfer comparison charts to compare adequacy and equivalency of third-countries
  • Powered by a contributor network of over 500 lawyers and 40 in-house legal researchers

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