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Privacy Rights Automation

Expedite personal rights requests fulfillment

Automate your entire data subject access request (DSAR) fulfillment process from intake and ID verification to data discovery, redaction, and secure response.

Illustration showing the steps involved in a privacy rights automation process, from the creation of a DSAR to fulfillment.

One platform to satisfy all requests 

Operationalize all personal rights requests in a single platform, whether from a consumer or an employee, a request for access or deletion. 

Comply with data privacy regulations and build trust 

Deliver the right intake experience to consumers or employees wherever they are. Use dynamic forms and AI-backed regulatory intelligence to promote data collection and processing accountability across web, mobile, and app experiences.

User interface for a web form creator that allows custom fields, text, and styling.

Gather information to meet specific requirements for identity verification based on the requestor, industry, region, or level of sensitivity. Leverage identity verification approaches like email/SMS verification, SSO/OIDC, and integration with third-party identity verification tools.

Simple UI from the Privacy Rights Automation module where a user could upload a driver's license photo for identity verification and change the DSAR's status.

Eliminate manual tasks by instantly discovering, deleting, rectifying, or otherwise actioning a requestor’s data across all relevant systems. We support many cloud and on-premises systems along with structured and unstructured data so you can flag data for review, no matter where or how it exists.

The privacy rights automation module comes with a workflow builder where administrators could set the steps and triggers involved with a DSAR.

Automatically find and redact confidential and sensitive data that should not be included in your response. In the event of an employee request, quickly review and redact sensitive information from email threads or pdfs.

Administrators can use a simple form to choose which data elements to redact in a DSAR response.

Communicate with consumers and data subjects via a secure messaging portal. Utilize custom reporting to see all the data associated with your requests, including quantity, source, and request type.

Customized reporting lets administrators show their DSAR response rate over time.

August 21, 2024

Transforming your data privacy and AI strategy with OneTrust

Join us for a live demo where we will discuss the advanced capabilities of OneTrust solutions in data privacy enforcement, first-party data collection, and AI innovation.

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Customer testimonial

The DSAR module is my absolute favourite, we are able to use it for so much more than fulfilling individual rights.
Florence Ampofo-Anim, Data Protection Manager, Drax Group
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Automate privacy rights compliance 

Automate the nuanced timelines and requirements across GDPR, LGPD, CPRA, and hundreds more with one platform.


Demonstrate data accuracy to comply with GDPR and earn consumer trust. 


Respect California consumer and employee rights to request, delete, or opt out of the sale of personal information. 

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