Scalable, Automated Data Privacy Rights Fulfillment

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Comply with Privacy Laws

GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, CPRA, and hundreds more with one platform.

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Eliminate Manual Tasks

Fully automate manual tasks associated with personal data request fulfillment through automated data discovery and robotic automation technology.

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Satisfy All Request Types

Operationalize all requests in a single platform, whether from a consumer or an employee, a request for access or deletion.

Privacy Automation for Data Privacy Regulations Compliance and Trust

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Streamline the Intake Process

Deliver the right experience to consumers or employees wherever they are. Using dynamic forms and AI-backed regulatory intelligence, your business can promote data collection and processing accountability across web, mobile, and app experiences.

DSAR Identity Verification Example

Simplify Identity Verification

Gather relevant information to meet specific requirements for identity verification based on the nature of the requestor, industry, region, or level of sensitivity. Subjects can verify identities through a combination of verification approaches including email/SMS verification, SSO/OIDC, and integration with third-party identity verification tools like Experian and LexisNexis.

DSAR Cross System Data Discovery Dashboard Example

Automatically Discover and Action Subject’s Data Across Systems

With hundreds of integrations, know which systems to search when responding to a rights request and easily aggregate the subject’s data to action. Configure or leverage out-of-the-box workflows to delete, update, or otherwise action the data based on the request.

DSAR Data Redaction Automation Example

Automate Data Redaction

Automatically find and redact sensitive and confidential data that should not be included in your response. In the event of an employee request, quickly review and redact sensitive information from email threads or pdfs.

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Reporting and Benchmarking

See all the data around your requests, including how many you’re getting, where they’re coming from, and what type of requests you’re getting. Customize your reporting dashboards based on stakeholder needs.  

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