Build Trust Through Data Governance 

The OneTrust Data Governance dashboard where a user could connect third party APIs to the module.

Discover and Simplify Everyday Access to Data

Discover and classify your personal and non-personal data sets to meet regulatory requirements and build a culture of trust for your business. Populate data into a single source of truth, allowing business users to easily access real-time data through intuitive search. Apply regulatory context to your data source to help ensure regulatory requirements are understood and shared business language is established.

The OneTrust Data Governance dashboard that displays line graphs, bar graphs, and pie graphs of the types of data by database, data classifications, and policy violations.

Implement Your Data Governance Framework

Orchestrate data governance activities to ensure your data collection, storage, and use meet all applicable privacy rules and regulations. With OneTrust, you can define data policies such as user access, data retention and residency, data minimization, and data protection. Collaborate across business functions to reduce risk and flag violations.

Screen from the OneTrust Data Governance cloud solution where data can be catalogued and displayed with filters.

Demonstrate Data Governance Effectiveness

Drive organizational adoption and continuous improvement of data management and governance initiatives by demonstrating the return on your investment. Capture feedback from business users through trust scoring, comments, and insights or review trends in policy violations to identify areas of program improvement. Gain an overview of your program and demonstrate its effectiveness through dashboards, metrics, and maturity & benchmarking reports.

Mockup of the Data Governance cloud where users can see a catalogue of their data.

Get Started with Data Governance

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