OneTrust DataGovernance

Make trust a competitive advantage with quality, compliant data that drives business value

OneTrust DataGovernance is built on a unified platform that helps organizations transform existing compliance initiatives into data intelligence. Create business value with a central solution to establish a trusted data foundation and empower insights-led decision-making in your business.

Establish a Data Foundation

Discover and populate real-time data into a single source of truth and allow data citizens across the organization approved access to trusted data.

Unify with Data Privacy & Security

Streamline business processes and de-duplicate data entry and maintenance to ensure privacy and security practices are built-in to your data governance program

Automate Governance for Continued Growth

Leverage automated tasks and workflows to maintain the organization, management, and stewardship of your data as the business continues to evolve

Drive Business Value From Your Data

  • Use automated discovery to populate metadata into a centralized and easily searchable data catalog
  • Encourage collaboration between data stewards, business and technical users to create a shared understanding of the data
  • Allow data scientists and data analysts to spend less time searching for the data they need, and more time delivering insights to critical business functions


Integrate Existing Compliance Activities Into Your Governance Program

  • Understand the privacy impact of business use of data and create governance frameworks to minimize risk
  • Sync data usage requests with privacy awareness training to ensure compliant access and promote data sharing throughout your organization
  • Utilize OneTrust DataGuidance to research and build applicable governance policies that comply with regulatory obligations



Build Data Intelligence Through Automation

  • Leverage automated discovery to dynamically populate your data dictionary and keep an up-to-date view of your organization’s data as it expands
  • Harness the power of Athena AI to automatically recommend new business terms and ensure your business glossary grows alongside your data inventory
  • Automatically assign stewardship tasks and use common workflows to keep your increasing volume of data organized, compliant, and accessible

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Data Governance Products

Data Catalog

Utilize a business-facing portal for users to search and filter across any property, any object, any data element to find data that matters

Data Dictionary

Manage and understand technical metadata how it’s classified, and where it’s stored in addition to its origin, format, use, and hierarchical relationships to other data

Business Glossary

Allow data stewards, technical users and business users to collaborate on an enterprise-wide repository of your organization’s relevant business terminology to create a common understanding of data

Data Lineage

Maintain relationships and visualize how data flows across systems to create a clear understanding of where data originated and what processes and transformation procedures it went through within the organization

Policy Management

Maintain and enforce rule-based data policies in the context of applicable regulatory guidelines​

Make Trust a Competitive Advantage

To build towards data intelligence, Data Governance should align with your privacy, security and compliance programs. OneTrust helps bring governance, compliance, and business teams together in a single platform.

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