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OneTrust DataDiscovery

To govern your data you first need to know your data, and knowing your data starts with data discovery. OneTrust DataDiscovery is an AI-powered discovery and classification solution that helps organizations:

Find IT Systems

Monitor other sources of IT system and asset information like CMDBs, IAM tools, CASB, and CSPs to keep an evergreen inventory of IT systems

Discover & Classify Data

Discover, classify, and enrich the data stored within these IT systems through AI & ML based classification models

Go Beyond the Metadata

Metadata can be misleading for data discovery. Go beyond field and file metadata to the data within with sample and deep scanning methods for increased classification accuracy

Apply Regulatory Context

Leverage OneTrust DataGuidance intelligence to not only know your data, but also the laws, standards and frameworks that apply to that data

Drive Data Insights

Answer your most pressing questions about your data and identify, hidden, unknown, and at risk data

Power a Holistic Data Governance Program

Feed data discovery results into the rest of the OneTrust DataGovernance platform to maintain data catalogs, glossaries, and dictionaries and visualize data lineage

OneTrust DataGovernance Solutions


Data Discovery

Know your data with automated, AI-driven data discovery & classification

Data Catalog

Create a central view of your data assets and facilitate business access and insights

Assess Effectiveness

Data Governance

Maintain business glossaries, data dictionaries, and manage and enforce policies

Data Usage Requests

When the business needs access to data sets, manage data usage requests and automate data access

Data Retention & Deletion

Manage and enforce retention policies and data deletion, powered by DataGuidance regulatory research

Data Lineage

Visualize data flows and relationships across your data assets and your data governance program

Operationalize Your Data Governance Program

Organizations can leverage the OneTrust Data Governance solution to centralize and automate their data governance programs. From initial data discovery to business insights, OneTrust helps you know your data, the laws that apply, and how to use that information to provide business value and demonstrate compliance.

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