Build Trust through Data Privacy and Governance

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Protect Consumer Rights

Simplify how you process consumer requests, or data subject access requests (DSARs), from intake to fulfillment, including data discovery and redaction.

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Govern Personal Data

Automate the discovery and identification of categories of personal data, like sensitive data, along with the deployment of controls that apply for ongoing compliance.

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Keep Up with Privacy Legislation

Access the world’s largest source of data privacy research and integrate privacy best practices into web experiences, risk assessments, and your overall data strategy.

Accelerate Time to Utah Privacy Law Compliance

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Enable Opt-Out Requests and Tracking

Leverage website geolocation data to ensure Utah residents are seeing the appropriate opt-out controls, such as do not sell, do not profile, and do not process for targeted advertising requests. Track verifiable consumer consent and sync changes or correct inaccuracies across systems to avoid the unauthorized sale of data.

UCPA Privacy Policies Dashboard

Centralize and Distribute Privacy Disclosures

Adhere to Utah UCPA notification requirements and easily update, centralize, and distribute policies, notices, and disclosures across web and mobile properties from a single platform. Update privacy notices to include data subject rights under UCPA and direct consumers to a data subject rights intake form.

Utah Privacy by Design Checklist

Streamline Access Requests

Conduct business in compliance with Utah residents’ rights to data access, deletion, portability, and non-discrimination. Respond to requests within the 45-day timeline, automating the fulfillment of privacy rights requests including: intake, ID verification, data discovery, and secure response.

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