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Utah Consumer Privacy Act Compliance

Simplify Utah Privacy Law (UCPA) compliance with privacy automation and data governance software

Protect Utah consumer data and automate requirements for UCPA compliance with our Privacy and Data Governance Cloud. 

Utah Consumer Privacy Act Compliance

Build trust through data privacy and governance

Streamline the fulfilment of consumer requests, automate the discovery and identification of categories of personal data, apply the necessary controls for UCPA compliance, and stay up to date with the latest regulatory changes. 

Use website geolocation data to ensure Utah residents are seeing the appropriate opt-out controls, such as do not sell, do not profile, and do not process for targeted advertising requests. Track verifiable consent and sync changes or correct inaccuracies across systems to avoid the unauthorized sale of data. 

Adhere to Utah's notification requirements and easily update, centralize, and distribute policies, notices, and disclosures across web and mobile properties from a single platform. Update privacy notices to include data subject rights under UCPA and direct consumers to a data subject rights intake form. 

Conduct business in compliance with Utah residents’ rights to data access, deletion, portability, and non-discrimination. Respond to requests within the 45-day timeline, automating the fulfillment of privacy rights requests including intake, ID verification, data discovery, and secure response. 

February 28, 2024

Unlocking value through responsible use of data

Learn about the data privacy maturity model and how your privacy teams can move beyond compliance to become strategic enablers for their business.


We address some of the basics about the Utah Consumer Privacy Act to support your compliance and trust transformation journey.  

Utah becomes the fourth state to enact comprehensive consumer privacy legislation. The Utah Consumer Privacy Act establishes consumers’ rights to access, deletion, portability, and opt-out of targeted advertising or sale of personal data. It also establishes controller and processor obligations, privacy notice requirements, and grants the attorney general exclusive enforcement action. 

The law applies to anyone who: 


  • Conducts business in Utah or produces products or services that are targeted to residents of Utah and have annual revenue of at least $25,000,000 
  • And either during a calendar year control or process personal data of at least 100,000 consumers, or control or process personal data of at least 25,000 consumers and derive over 50 percent of gross revenue from the sale of persona 
  • And do not fall into one of the exceptions in the law 


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Our Privacy and Data Governance Cloud operationalizes the law’s requirements. We'll help you streamline your processes for addressing consumer requests, managing privacy policies, identifying your sensitive data, managing consent and so much more. 

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