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What is the Privacy and Data Governance Cloud?

People demand greater control of their data, unlocking an opportunity for organizations to use these moments to build trust and deliver more valuable experiences. We provide privacy and data governance automation to help organizations better understand their data across the business, meet regulatory requirements, and operationalize risk mitigation to provide transparency and choice to individuals.

Make Data Privacy a Business Differentiator

Achieve data privacy compliance faster and build trust in your organization. Our platform helps break down silos across processes, workflows, and teams to operationalize regulatory compliance and enable trusted data use.

Gain Regulatory Agility

Build proactive privacy programs rooted in global best practices, not reactive to individual regulations.

Proactively Detect and Mitigate Risk

Gain visibility into unknown risks to drive mitigation and risk-based decision making.

Enable Trusted Data Use

Respect individual choice and embed privacy and security by default into the data lifecycle.

Explore the Privacy and Data Governance Cloud

Enable privacy by design (PbD) and build a reputation of trust and transparency with a comprehensive, unified privacy management platform.

Mockup of the various modules of the Privacy Management Cloud
PIA & DPIA Automation

Automate PIAs, DPIAs, and PbD with dynamic templates, flexible workflows, and integrations with existing business tools and processes.

Data Mapping Automation

Maintain evergreen data inventories of assets, processes, and vendors to understand data processing and generate necessary records to evaluate international data transfers.

Privacy Rights Automation

Automate the fulfillment of privacy rights requests (DSRs) including intake, identity verification, data discovery, data redaction, and secure response.

Privacy Incident Management

Streamline response to incidents and data breaches – from intake through assessment and resolution – with investigation workflows, pre-built templates, and automated notification guidance.

Third-Party Risk Management

Simplify how you manage the ongoing analysis of third-party privacy practices with standard-based templates, risk workflows, and pre-completed vendor assessments.

Digital Policy Management

Centrally manage privacy policies and notices with out-of-the-box templates, approval workflows, automated population of information, like RoPA and cookie lists, and central hosting across all digital properties.

Privacy Training

Comply with regulations and build a privacy-first culture with employee awareness training content designed by privacy and data governance experts.

DataGuidance Research

Keep up with the latest privacy and security developments through a central portal delivering same-day updates from hundreds of researchers and legal contributors.

Improve your data quality to build trust, maintain compliance, and simplify decision-making across the business.

Mockup of the Data Governance privacy cloud dashboard with its various modules.
Data Discovery

Understand your data, where it resides, and which data is sensitive or could pose risk to the business.

Data Catalog

Enable business users to easily find and leverage the data they need to create value and make more informed decisions.

Reinforce privacy at every touchpoint by capturing, governing, and syncing consent and preferences across your websites, mobile apps, and connected TV platforms.

Mockup of the consent preference module of the Privacy Management cloud
Consent & Preference Management

Give individuals control over their data, consent, and preferences with a single, intuitive portal.

Mobile App Consent

Collect consent through your mobile apps and maintain records for compliance while protecting your users’ privacy and expanding your marketing opportunities.

Cookie Consent

Deliver dynamic cookie consent experiences that maximize opt-ins and support first-party data capture.

OTT & CTV Consent

Capture and communicate consent and preferences from within Smart TVs, OTT applications, and connected TV environments to support compliance and trust.

Forrester Names OneTrust a Leader in the Privacy Management Wave, Q4 2021

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