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Privacy and Data Governance Cloud

Imagine if privacy was an enabler, not a roadblock

Go beyond compliance. Deliver business value and build trust through transparency, choice, and control.

Make data privacy a competitive advantage 

People demand greater control of their personal data, unlocking an opportunity for organizations to use these moments to build trust and deliver more valuable experiences. We provide privacy and data governance automation to help organizations better understand their data across the business, meet regulatory requirements, and operationalize risk mitigation to provide transparency and choice to individuals. 

Build proactive privacy programs rooted in global best practices, not reactive to individual privacy regulations. 

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Gain visibility into unknown risks to drive mitigation and risk-based decision-making. 

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Respect individual choice and embed privacy and data security by default into business processes. 

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Explore the Privacy and Data Governance Cloud  

Privacy Management

Enable privacy by design (PbD) and build a reputation of trust and transparency with a comprehensive, unified privacy management platform. 


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Form where a manager could add a new privacy incident to a database

Data Discovery & Security

Improve your data quality to build trust, maintain compliance, and simplify decision-making across the business.


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Bar graphs showing the risk levels per vendor and by type.

Consent & Preferences

Reinforce privacy, regulatory compliance, and data management by capturing, governing, and syncing consent and preferences across your customer touchpoints.


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Responsible AI

Extend your data privacy, security, and governance programs into your use of AI to demonstrate trust.


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Additional Privacy and Data Governance resources 

Navigating responsible AI: A privacy professional's guide

Learn how privacy teams help organizations establish and implement policies that ensure AI applications are responsible and ethical.

US privacy resource kit

Access a range of materials to help you understand how the US privacy landscape is evolving.

The marketer's first-party data checklist

Explore our in-depth first-party data checklist to learn how to deliver privacy-first personalization.  

Ready to get started? 

See how OneTrust can help you adopt best-in-class privacy practices to support your privacy and data governance program.