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What is the Privacy and Data Governance Cloud?

People demand greater control of their data, unlocking an opportunity for organizations to use these moments to build trust and deliver more valuable experiences. We provide privacy and data governance automation to help organizations better understand their data across the business, meet regulatory requirements, and operationalize risk mitigation to provide transparency and choice to individuals.

Make Data Privacy a Business Differentiator

Achieve data privacy compliance faster and build trust in your organization. Our platform helps break down silos across processes, workflows, and teams to operationalize regulatory compliance and enable trusted data use.

Gain Regulatory Agility

Build proactive privacy programs rooted in global best practices, not reactive to individual regulations.

Proactively Detect and Mitigate Risk

Gain visibility into unknown risks to drive mitigation and risk-based decision making.

Enable Trusted Data Use

Respect individual choice and embed privacy and security by default into the data lifecycle.

Forrester Names OneTrust a Leader in the Privacy Management Wave, Q4 2021

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