GDPR goes into effect later this week, and companies across the globe are getting ready for a new era in data protection. To help companies operationalize their ePrivacy and GDPR compliance, OneTrust is bringing new features and updates to its Cookie Consent and Website Scanning solution. Backed by deep research, the updated solution includes expanded website scanning features, new user interfaces and expanded reporting capabilities. OneTrust’s cookie solutions are used by thousands of web and mobile sites earning billions of impressions globally.

With a new era of data privacy regulations coming into effect, website owners and operators are facing extensive compliance challenges. These new obligations require organizations to inform their visitors about their website’s data collection and tracking policies to provide improved transparency, control and choice.

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To help companies prepare for these regulatory changes, we rolled out a series of updates to our Cookie Consent and Website Scanning solution to deliver a simple website plugin to operationalize compliance. The technology automatically scans a website to identify all trackers and allows organizations to generate a tailorable cookie consent banner, cookie preference center and cookie list. Additionally, our enhanced updates feature new record keeping reports including records of consent, audit history reports, and supplementary summary dashboards. Additional updates include:

To learn more about our Cookie Consent and Website Scanning Solution, read our press release and visit our webpage.

OneTrust also partnered with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) to offer organizations free access to our Cookie Consent and Website Scanning platform. The upgraded platform has also been made available for IAPP members in their IAPP resource centers.

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