Provide Choice and Transparency for Streaming Users

Comprehensive Web Scanning Icon

OTT and CTV App Auditing

Scan your applications for SDKs, tracking technologies, and other identifiers.

Circle Bar Chart Icon for OneTrust Scalable ESG Data Collection

Design & Define UX

Leverage multiple built-in consent approach options or customize your own for an optimal viewer experience.

Circular Arrows Lifecycle Icon for Streamline Audits

Deploy, Integrate, and Sync

Use Native SDKs for easy deployment and integration. Sync consent and preferences across devices for a personalized experience.

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Monitor and Optimize

Maintain granular consent receipts and demonstrate compliance over time.

Streamline OTT and CTV Consent Management

Opt-In Consent Example

Collect Opt-In Consent to Deliver Personalized Experiences

Configure your OTT or CTV CMP using to follow global opt-in requirements or use the IAB TCF 2.0 framework to conduct targeted advertising in compliance with the GDPR, while appropriately storing consent and preferences and signaling it downstream to ad tech vendors.

Do Not Sell Screen Example

Comply with Do Not Sell or Share Opt-Out Requirements

Integrate OneTrust into OTT and CTV platforms to support compliance with the CCPA and CPRA consumer’s right to opt-out of the sale or share personal information and ensure the proper opt-outs are communicated to third parties.

Preference Management Example

Empower Users to Manage Their Preferences

Give users the ability to exercise their privacy rights – including the right to access or delete data through a settings menu. Automatically discover and respond to a rights requests and easily aggregate the subject’s data to action.

Multiple Account Profiles Example

Set Multiple User Profiles and Sync Data Across Devices

Enable consumers of the same household to manage their preferences as individuals, allowing for more granular user controls within OTT or CTV applications. Provide users with a “cookie-less” experience by syncing with ID solutions to identify the end user after consent is given once. This builds trust and delivers a personalized experience across all devices without relying on third-party cookies.

OTT Supported Platforms

OneTrust Supports a Variety of Platforms

Our OTT and CTV solution is comprised of direct API calls and native SDKs built for each platform and the corresponding actions to set and read consent and preferences across a variety of OTT platforms.

Get Started with OTT and CTV Consent

Sign up for a demo to learn how you can streamline your consent and preference management for over-the-top and connected TV apps.

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