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Mobile App Consent

Protect mobile app consumer privacy and enable data control

Global privacy regulations and tech giants like Apple and Google have put a spotlight on mobile data privacy. OneTrust Mobile App Consent helps protect your users’ privacy and achieve compliance.

  • Audit your apps for hidden cookies and other tracking technologies
  • Optimize user experience with pre-built, localized, cross-device consent options
  • Demonstrate compliance with consent receipts and continuous monitoring

Deliver mobile app data transparency  

Scan your app to identify privacy permissions, IDFA, frameworks, and SDKs. Understand third-party trackers and the overall privacy health of your app by using our pre-categorized database and dashboards. 

Results of a third-party tracker scan that shows the numbers of SDKs that are strictly neccessary and ones that are merely functional.

Capture who consented, when it occurred, and what they were told upon consenting. Demonstrate compliance with a centralized, exportable database that records consent receipts and analytics. 

Results of a scan that shows the amount of new opt-ins and their purpose.

Enable brand-aligned mobile consent banners using built-in templates or customize your own. Use geolocation rules to dynamically display unique banners based on your user’s location.

Consent banners for mobile and that are cusotmized with a company's branding.

Synchronize consent and preferences across devices and applications without relying on third-party cookies by conducting cookieless syncs.

Settings that allow users the synch consent preferences without using third-party cookies.

July 30, 2024

The ultimate consent strategy for maximizing customer opt-ins in 2024

Discover the ultimate consent strategy for 2024! Join our webinar to maximize customer opt-ins, optimize user experience, and maintain compliance.

Demonstrate your trust transformation journey

The complex regulatory environment requires agility. We’re here to support you in achieving and maintaining compliance with relevant regulations and frameworks.


Comply with the GDPR's cookie requirements by scanning your website for hidden trackers, keeping your users informed, and gaining their consent.

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