Unified Mobile App Consent Management Platform

Understand how data collected is shared with third parties, configure a banner to collect consent when needed, and build a central source of truth for consent management.

Comprehensive Web Scanning Icon

Mobile App Auditing

Scan your apps for SDKs, tracking technologies, and IDFA. OneTrust supports Apple iOS, Google Android, Unity, Xmarin, React Native, Flutter, Cordova, and Ionic.

Green Globe Icon for Built to Scale Card on Carbon Accounting

Optimal User Experience (UX)

Leverage pre-built consent options or customize your own. Display unique consent approaches based on user location.

Circular Arrows Lifecycle Icon for Streamline Audits

Multi-Device Sync

Sync consent and preferences across devices to deliver an even more personalized experience.

Gauge Icon Representing Monitoring Simplification

Continuous Monitoring

Maintain granular consent receipts to demonstrate compliance over time and optimize accordingly.

Improve the Success of Your Mobile Application Through Transparency and Trust

Image of Third Party Tracking Scan Results in Mobile App Consent Dashboard

Identify Third-Party Tracking Technologies

Scan your app to identify privacy permissions, IDFA, frameworks, and SDKs. Better understand third-party trackers on your app by using a pre-categorized database. Based on what you discover, adjust your consent approach to demonstrate compliance. Use visual reports to easily understand the privacy health of your app. If you’re working on an iOS app, use the scan report to build your own “nutrition label” in Apple’s app store.

Custom Consent Banner Styling Example

Configure Custom Consent Banner with Flexible Styling and Functionality

Maximize opt-ins by enabling brand-aligned mobile consent banners using built-in consent approach options or customize your own. Use geolocation rules to dynamically display unique banners and consent models based on the location of your mobile app user.

Example of Consent Rate Monitoring with Mobile App Consent Dashboard

Monitor Consent Rates Over Time

Capture who consented, when it occurred, and what they were told upon consenting. Demonstrate compliance to regulators and auditors with a centrally located, historical consent database inclusive of consent receipts and analytics to show the progress of your privacy program. If needed, export reports that integrate with marketing and IT technologies using the OneTrust API.

Sync Preferences Across Digital Platforms Example for PIPEDA Compliance

Deliver a Seamless Experience Across Devices and Applications

Synchronize consent and preferences across devices so you can deliver personalization across all web, mobile, and OTT apps without relying on third-party cookies. Conduct a “cookie-less” sync for consent and preferences across devices to avoid a jarring experience for known users and sync with ID Solutions to identify the end-user once consent is given on the first property interaction.

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