How the World Manages Third-Party Vendor Risk

A Centralized Third-Party Risk Management Platform

For Global Security and Privacy Professionals

Third-party vendor risk management is not a new concept, yet the risks posed to enterprises have evolved. Increasing reliance on third-party vendors, new privacy regulations, shifting cybersecurity threats, and frequent data breaches have upended the third-party risk landscape. As a result, modern risk solutions must adapt to solve both security and privacy challenges. ​


The Next Evolution of Global Vendor Risk Management is Here

OneTrust Vendor Risk Management enables organizations to automate risk assessments, exchange pre-completed third-party vendor risk assessments via the VendorpediaTM risk exchange, and monitor vendors for ongoing threat analysis.

  • Flexibility: Bring your own assessment or use the exchange
  • Speed: Leverage automated workflows & scheduled reassessments
  • Flag: Pinpoint risks & assign controls automatically to see total risk
  • Report: Create dynamic reports & monitor risk mitigation over time
  • Track: Manage Data Processing Agreements for accountability

Exchange with Vendorpedia: Gain instant access to 6,000+ security and privacy profiles for global third-party vendors with pre-completed risk assessments that map to nearly every framework and global law with no per assessment fee.

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