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OneTrust is building the only platform that brings privacy, security, and governance teams together, working as one technology solution. While OneTrust is rooted in privacy, we’ve evolved to serve a broader vision. We realize that trust is more than a compliance-driven effort; Our customers want to build programs that are focused on trust and transparency with their employees, customers, partners, and community.

Our platform has expanded to manage everything that makes up trust — privacy and data governance, GRC and security assurance, ethics and compliance, ESG and sustainability — all within one platform. We believe that trust is a culmination of all these efforts working together, centralized and without siloes.

As Chief Trust Officer my responsibility lies with ensuring our customers feel confident in how their information is being used and to lead the way for other executive teams to truly leverage OneTrust products and services to their fullest extent. We have been and will continue to use our own platform in our day-to-day operations — helping us gain a better understanding of how to optimize our resources and tools to best serve our customers’ needs.

Andrew Clearwater

OneTrust Chief Trust Architect

Our Centers of Excellence

The OneTrust Centers of Excellence are at the forefront of the way we work, helping to shape the future of trust.

Each Center of Excellence brings together a cross-functional group of individuals to serve as experts in their field. They help to guide OneTrust product, marketing, sales, and support teams as we advise our thousands of global customers on their own programs, as well as serve the community by sharing resources and best practices.

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Privacy and Data Governance

As a global leader in privacy and data protection, our goal is to make our practices as transparent as possible and to give you control over your data. Privacy is at the core of what we do, which is why we are at the forefront of driving and adopting industry standards and best practices.

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GRC and Security Assurance

Security is embedded throughout our organization, from our products to the people. We’ve put the controls and processes in place to safeguard your data, taking a risk-based approach and making continuous improvement a mandate.

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Ethics and Compliance

Ethics and values form the foundation of what we do and how we do it. At OneTrust, we are OneTeam grounded in integrity, trust, and accountability. Our actions are guided by and taken in accordance with our Code of Trust and the principles within that Code. We understand our collective responsibility to ensure our company and our actions are ethical, legal and promote our values and we take that responsibility seriously.

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ESG and Sustainability

We are built on trust, and our commitment to protecting human rights, caring for communities, and strengthening our society is at the heart of our work. We nurture responsible business in three ways: lead by example; share our knowledge with the world; and create technology that helps companies accelerate their ESG integration.

Meet the Team

Our team strives to not only comply with and implement best practices, but to stay one step ahead, pioneering the future of privacy, security, ethics, and ESG as technology continues to evolve.

Andrew Clearwater Center of Excellence

Andrew Clearwater

Chief Trust Architect

Center of Excellence - Linda Theilová

Linda Thielová

Head of Privacy & Data Governance Center of Excellence

Jose Costa

Senior Director of GRC & Security Assurance Center of Excellence

Jisha Dymond

Head of Ethics & Compliance Center of Excellence

Chris Fenwick

Head of ESG & Sustainability Center of Excellence


"Trust is a condition that allows effective decision-making"


The Time for Trust is Now

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Tactical Solutions Are No Longer Enough

Organizations are maturing beyond tactical-based governance tools of the past that simply check a compliance box, to realizing the value of trust at the center of their programs to drive values-based competitive differentiation.

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Trust & Transparency Are Driving Differentiation

Rising amounts of personal data, advancements in AI and personalization, and customer demand for transparency have created increasing pressure for organizations to operate and differentiate based on trust.

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Complex Global Regulatory Landscape Adds Urgency

Building a framework is complicated by the myriad patchwork of global privacy regulations, security requirements, ethics and compliance frameworks, and sustainability initiatives that continue to evolve at a rapid pace.

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At its core, our Centers are responsible for making trust a competitive advantage, for OneTrust and its customers. Not only do our Centers run our internal compliance program across each domain, but they also enable and build solutions across our products, providing guidance on best practices and implementations.

In addition, our Centers are at the heart of how we as a company stay ahead of and adapt to the changing regulatory landscape and help our customers do the same — through our tracking, analysis, and creation of meaningful thought leadership and research materials.

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