CNIL Cookie Consent Toolkit

OneTrust is here to help you implement your cookie banner based on the CNIL updated recommendations and guidelines – ahead of the April 2021 enforcement deadline.

No matter where you are in your compliance journey, our toolkit offers resources to understand the CNIL guidelines and support to implement cookie banners in line with the CNIL’s latest recommendations. Sign up today to accelerate your CNIL compliance journey with a complete set of tools and resources to get up and running, including tips and checklists, pre-configured templates and your first domain free.

Resources include:

  • eBook: CNIL Cookie Compliance: What Has Changed? 
  • Whitepaper: CNIL Recommendations: Practical & Legal Guide
  • Checklist: Cookies & CNIL: Guidelines and Setup Checklist
  • First domain for free
  • Step-by-step implementation guides
  • 24/7 support with both implementation and ongoing maintenance

Avoid facing the increased enforcement action — get started today!

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