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About Adobe Experience Platform

The Adobe Experience Platform allows enterprises to personalize user experiences on a vast scale by harnessing customer data. In the current privacy-centered landscape, using consented data to offer such tailored experiences ensures the user's privacy is maintained while delivering a unique experience. OneTrust Consent & Preferences amplifies this capability, providing an integrated solution within the Adobe Privacy and Security Shield to consolidate consent data from the Adobe Experience Platform. 


Adobe Experience Platform and OneTrust

Initially, consumers' consent around data usage is captured through a OneTrust web form or preference center. This data is then stored centrally within OneTrust, facilitating detailed audit trails and aiding compliance. Through real-time integration, consent policies are enacted within Adobe Experience platform, ensuring data utilization aligns with user consent. Once policies are set, insights regarding the consent data in action are presented, showcasing how many users fit different campaign criteria based on their data preferences. Finally, during campaign activation, the OneTrust integration confirms that consent policies are being observed, ensuring the right audience is targeted. 


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The collaboration between OneTrust Consent & Preferences and Adobe brings a multitude of benefits – 

  • It ensures the security of consumer data from collection to activation and upholds data governance and privacy standards 
  • Moreover, it provides consent solutions aligned with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA and allows real-time data consent policies across marketing efforts 
  • The integration also automates consent throughout campaigns, creates unified profiles with user consent data, and offers insights into user preferences, making it easier for businesses to offer valuable, privacy-first experiences 

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