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OneTrust Expands ID Verification Partner Program

7 additional providers begin integrations to streamline industry and vertical specific ID Verification into OneTrust’s Consumer Rights request workflow for privacy compliance

December 10, 2019

OneTrust today announced the expansion of the OneTrust ID Verification Partner Program with additional partners including AcxiomIDologyEvidentID DataWebSocureYoti, and The addition of these new partners, along with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions as an existing partner, will provide the market with choice for leading industry and vertical specific ID Verification techniques to streamline the identity verification process to complete consumer rights requests within the 45 day time obligation under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

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Verifying a user’s identity is one of the first challenges teams face when completing CCPA consumer rights requests. Additionally, organizations open themselves up to business and ethical dilemmas, such as potentially providing personal information to fraudsters when completing these consumer requests. By integrating CCPA consumer rights requests with identity verification technologies organizations can address these challenges while maintaining the desired customer experience. While OneTrust already supports multiple identity verification methods for completing CCPA requests working with ID Verification technology providers are becoming an increasingly common configuration for a company’s CCPA compliance program.

Customers can speed up OneTrust CCPA Consumer Rights ID Verification Requests in a few steps:

  • Capture the rights request via the OneTrust Consumer Rights technology along with all the necessary metadata about the consumer type, product(s) used, etc to route the appropriate ID validation process and internal workflow
  • Validate the requestor’s identity via a OneTrust ID Verification Partner
  • Automate fulfillment of requests via OneTrust Targeted Data Discovery automated fulfillment to find and retrieve consumer data
  • Deliver the completed request to the consumer with OneTrust’s secure messaging portal and built-in CCPA templates

“Organizations face increased pressure to comply with the CCPA and OneTrust is committed to building integrated solutions that assist in the integration of identity validation requirements,” said Blake Brannon, Vice President of Products at OneTrust. “With the expansion of our ID Verification Partner Program, we’re enabling our global customer base to rapidly gain the technology tools required to accelerate and automate their privacy initiatives.”

Supporting Partner Quotes:

“We are proud to be an inaugural partner in the OneTrust ID Verification Partner Program,” said Matt Botti, Senior Director of Identity Assurance at Acxiom. “Acxiom’s Identity Verification and Authentication services combine our decades of experience in identity management and ethical data use, ensuring OneTrust customers can manage CCPA consumer rights requests quickly, confidently and with reduced friction for consumers.”

“CCPA fulfillment has many moving parts, with identity verification being one of the most challenging,” said Chris Luttrell, Chief Operating Officer at IDology. “Integrating IDology’s proven ability to simply, securely, and seamlessly verify identities across multiple channels into OneTrust’s workflow facilitates less user friction, more flexibility, and greater customer trust.”

“Evident is transforming the data subject request process, making it easier for companies to demonstrate compliance with new privacy regulations like CCPA,” said David Thomas, CEO and Founder at Evident. “Our Verified Data Request solution now enables OneTrust customers to conduct identity verification for DSRs quickly, and with a greater level of assurance, all while protecting their personal data with bank-grade, end-to-end encryption.”

“We are excited to bring ID DataWeb’s adaptive identity verification and fraud detection solutions to the OneTrust Ecosystem,” said Brian Nimmo, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at ID DataWeb. “ID DataWeb provides several fully hosted verification solutions for proving that a person is who they claim to be remotely. These solutions, like BioGovID and MobileMatch, can be linked into adaptive Verification Workflows, where users will be dynamically stepped up to additional challenges based on their ability to prove their identity, or blocked if sufficient risk is detected. All aspects of the system, including the challenges, scoring and step-up thresholds, are fully configurable by the customer, and can be easily integrated with OneTrust for CCPA DSAR requests.”

“Today’s industries are inundated by identity fraud and customers need a solution that is complete, authentic and efficient,” said Tom Thimot, CEO at Socure. “We are very excited to partner with OneTrust – and usher in a new era of identity verification. Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, our unparalleled solution eliminates fraud up to 80 percent and provides the most accurate identity validation in real-time for customers and consumers alike.”

“Yoti is delighted to participate in One Trust’s partner program,” said Madhu Nori, Chief Product Officer at Yoti. “Our collaboration allows customers to take advantage of Yoti’s advanced detection AI, CCPA identity verification technology, and consumer-owned digital identity app while benefitting from One Trust’s privacy and security platform in a fully integrated way.

“We are excited to join forces with trusted partners like OneTrust to streamline identity verification for businesses that seek to comply with CCPA requirements,” said Pradheep Sampath, Chief Product Officer at “’s secure, portable identity verification platform enables businesses to instantly verify the identity of consumers who submit Subject Rights Requests or Data Subject Access Requests. More than four million California residents already have accounts, ensuring seamless integration and rapid deployment all while enhancing user experience.”

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