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Data Risk Mitigation

Ensure your data is appropriately protected

Continuously monitor and assess your data and security measures and automatically remediate issues with automated data governance and security policies to prevent potential data breaches.

  • Effectively reduce risk with full, objective visibility into what data you have, where it lives, and who has access to it 
  • Identify at-risk data and orchestrate remediation actions through native integration with source systems 
  • Automatically fix data security issues, like removing open access to sensitive data in OneDrive, redacting sensitive data in Salesforce, or deleting sensitive files from file shares 

Graphic depicting 2 documents that are labeled with sensitive data with a lock icon and highlight over the sensitive data

Maintain security controls and protect sensitive data 

Locate secrets, passwords, and encryption keys stored in plaintext across your data estate. Discover sensitive PII, health care data, or other regulated information that is stored unencrypted.

Graphic depicting a snippet from an onboarding documents with sensitive data like username and password flagged

Don’t rely on manual interventions to solve data security issues. Easily automate remediation actions to scale your program. Identify sensitive PII in a file with open access and automatically remove the public sharing link. Respond to a data subject access request and automatically redact personal data that is out of scope for the request. 

Graphic that shows insights on how data had been processed in a system, from entry to deletion.

Implement data minimization strategies so that there is less data at risk in the event of a breach. Identify redundant, obsolete, and trivial data to eliminate it from your data stores. Apply data retention policies so that you don’t keep sensitive data on hand any longer than is necessary. 

Graphic depicting duplicate data and out of date data on two different documents

June 06, 2024

Catch it live: See the all-new features in OneTrust's Spring Release and Post-TrustWeek recap

Join us as Ryan Karlin, Senior Director of Product Marketing highlights important updates from TrustWeek including an inside look into OneTrust's new platform features that make it easier for customers to activate data responsibly, surface and mitigate risk, and navigate the complex regulatory environment.

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