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Challenges Emerge as Third-Party Vendor
Security and Privacy Risks Intersect

The risks posed to enterprises managing third parties have evolved. Increasing reliance on third-party vendors, new privacy regulations, shifting cybersecurity threats, and frequent data breaches have upended the third-party risk landscape. As a result, modern risk solutions must adapt to solve both security and privacy challenges.

OneTrust Vendor Risk Management


Risk Assessment Automation

Assess and mitigate third-party vendor risks in less time and with better results

Greater Flexibility

Bring your own assessment or participate in the Vendorpedia exchange to assess third parties in a flexible manner

Dynamic Reporting

Create reports, monitor risk mitigation over time, and identify your enterprise’s riskiest third-party vendors

Powerful Automation

Create automated workflows and scheduled reassessments to complete assessments faster with more consistent results

Simplified DPA Tracking

Manage Data Processing Agreements (DPA) with contract tracking to hold third parties accountable

Pinpoint Risk Flagging

Flag risks and assign controls automatically to view the total risk of a third-party vendor

Deeply Integrated

Tap into the business context of your enterprise with OneTrust Data Inventory & Mapping technology and other systems, such as procurement tools


Vendorpedia & Third-Party Risk Exchange

Exchange pre-complete vendor risk assessments and access Security and Privacy profiles on 6,000+ global vendors


Security & Privacy

Gain instant access to 6,000+ security & privacy profiles for global third-party vendors

Validated Data

Increase confidence in third party vendor assessments with three levels of validation, including self attestation, automated validation, and remote or onsite audit

Pre-Completed Assessments

Retrieve pre-completed third-party risk assessments that map to nearly every framework and global law with no per assessment or per vendor fee

Managed Services

Leverage free and fixed-cost managed services to get assessments completed faster, data validated faster, and audits done on-demand

Ongoing Updates

Maintain an evergreen third-party vendor inventory with up-to-date research and continuously-updated assessments

Global Scale & Scope

Meet your global security and privacy compliance challenges with a third-party risk exchange that spans industry, jurisdiction, and region


Third-Party Threat Monitoring

Monitor security and privacy threats over time to maintain a watchful eye on third-party vendors

Security & Privacy Scanning

Enable privacy and security scanning to identify key third-party vendor changes that could impact privacy, security, or compliance

Proactive Compliance

Get ahead of regulatory changes before they occur, with access to the industry’s most extensive research database of 300+ global laws

Trigger-Based Reassessment

Set up automated rules to reassess third parties based on a variety of triggers, such as contract renewal date, and more

Ongoing Contract Monitoring

Monitor expiring contracts and data processing agreements (DPAs) to hold third-party vendors accountable.

Third-Party Threat Alerts

Receive alerts when new risks emerge, keeping you up to date on the latest third-party threats

Risk Treatment Tracking

Implement controls and track risks over time with dynamic risk treatment capabilities


Third-Party Chasing Service

Leverage your own professional risk assessment agent to work on your behalf at no cost

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No Extra Cost

Leverage a OneTrust agent to send, follow-up, answer questions, and guide vendors through the assessment process at no extra cost

Certified Global Agents

Tap into the expertise of certified OneTrust agents whose success is measured by how efficiently they get risk assessments completed

Less Busy Work

Increase your team’s productivity by spending less time identifying vendor contacts, replying to emails, and answering the same questions over and over again

Faster Vendor Assessments

Receive completed risk assessments rapidly, helping kickstart your third-party risk program and scale to meet your needs

Any Standard or Framework

Choose any standard or framework that fits your third-party risk program needs

More Accurate Answers

Get more accurate answers as the OneTrust team will coach your third parties through the assessment process and answer any questions they have along the way

Flexible Third-Party Security & Privacy Risk Assessment Options

Streamline Risk Assessment Automation & Mitigation

Every enterprise has different requirements when assessing third-party vendors. We understand this, which is why we prioritized assessment flexibility when developing our solution. More than 2,500 customers around the world rely on our industry-leading Assessment Automation and Data Mapping technologies. These tools and privacy expertise, combined with our world-class security research, power our Risk Assessment Automation tool to offer a modern approach to addressing both security and privacy vendor risks.

The Only Security & Privacy Third-Party Risk Exchange

The Next Evolution of Global Risk Management is Here

Individuals managing the third-party vendor risk lifecycle face difficulties when researching third parties, completing risk assessments on time, and when determining when new risks emerge. The Vendorpedia Third-Party Risk Exchange addresses these challenges by providing a single source to access detailed third-party security and privacy profiles, retrieve pre-completed risk assessments, and monitor third-party risks over time.

Automated Third-Party Threat Monitoring for Ongoing Compliance

Maintain 360° Oversight to Track New Risks Over Time

Changes to third-party vendor risks are inevitable, making static one-off assessments unreliable over time. OneTrust Vendor Risk Management offers ongoing monitoring with privacy and security scanning, ongoing assessment updates, and scheduled reassessments to maintain a watchful eye on third parties. When significant changes are detected, OneTrust sends your enterprise relevant alerts.

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