One Platform for CDPA Compliance

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Access the Latest CDPA Requirements

Stay current with in-platform templates, workflows, and suggestions driven by the world’s largest source of privacy research.


Protect Consumer Rights

Simplify how you process data subject access requests (DSARs) from intake to fulfillment, including data discovery and redaction.

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Simplify Privacy Governance

Automate how you manage internal tasks and reporting to demonstrate data protection and CDPA compliance.

Accelerate Time to Virginia CDPA Compliance

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Create Your Data Protection and Security Readiness Report

Leverage CDPA readiness and planning assessments to determine your organization’s gaps and remediation recommendations to minimize risks. Opt-in to share your readiness and benchmark your program against 300+ other organizations.

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Deploy Your Consumer Rights and Opt-Out Solution

Simplify the entire compliance lifecycle by automating the intake and fulfillment of consumer requests, enabling opt-out requests across your systems, and centralizing privacy disclosure distribution. CDPA-specific workflows help your organization respond to requests within the 45-day timeline while geo-targeting ensures Virginia residents see the appropriate opt-out controls. Easily update, centralize, and distribute policies, notices, and disclosures across all web and mobile properties from a single platform.

Data Lineage Flow

Streamline Data Privacy Governance

Map data flows to track key attributes back to CDPA-specific data elements using bulk importing capabilities or real-time tracking. Distribute privacy impact assessments (PIAs) and privacy by design (PbD) assessments to ensure adherence to the data minimization and purpose limitations outlined by the regulation. Take a proactive approach to incident management and decrease potential negative impacts should a data breach occur. Analyze incidents with a built-in Virginia Data Breach Notification assessment template.

Learn How OneTrust Supports Virginia CDPA Compliance

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