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DORA Compliance

Operationalize compliance with Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

Evolve your digital supply chain into a strategic asset and enhance Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resilience to reduce operational disruptions. 

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Implement proactive measures to comply with DORA 

Leverage robust capabilities to help meet key requirements and manage compliance with DORA. 

Implement a data-centric approach to identify and assess all relevant ICT risks to create a more resilient, secure, and scalable third-party ecosystem​ with OneTrust Third-Party Management. 

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User interface for assessing vendors that identifies a vendor rsks, scores their severity, and gives their aggregated risk level.

Inventory and connect your entire IT ecosystem to identify, measure and monitor risk, and inform decisions to improve security posture and streamline compliance with OneTrust IT and Security Risk Management. 

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User interface (UI) elements that show security incident records and their risk levels while next to an Aggregated Risk indicator.

Streamline ICT control implementations and oversight leveraging our proprietary evidence framework to de-duplicate workstreams, tailored project management and dynamic reporting with Compliance Automation. 

Graphic depicting classification data and metrics on the OneTrust Platform dashboard, showcasing DORA compliance through framework adherence and initiative monitoring.

Centralize your control library, workpapers, and audit tasks. Streamline evidence collection across systems, departments, and teams. Gain visibility into audit status with reports and dashboards with OneTrust Audit Management. 

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Three gauge chart examples showing coverage by regulation or industry framework.

Leverage a centralized regulatory research platform built by a network of in-house researchers, hundreds of legal experts, and translators with OneTrust DataGuidance. 

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A set of three DORA insights that show major developments for the law in November 2022, January 2023, and June 2023.

July 23, 2024

New European cyber laws: What you need to know

The EU has adopted several new Cyber Laws that will impact many businesses and will come into force over the next few months (in October in the case of NISD2) and require actions now. Join the webinar to learn about the latest cyber developments.

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We provide answers to some frequently asked questions below. 

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is a mandatory European Union (EU) regulation that entered into force on January 16,  2023 and will apply as of January 17, 2025. 


The regulation aims at strengthening the IT security of financial entities such as banks, insurance companies and investment firms. The goal is to help ensure that the financial sector in Europe can stay resilient in the event of a severe operational digital disruption. 


DORA requirements bring harmonization of the rules relating to operational resilience for the financial sector applying to 20 different types of financial entities and ICT third-party service providers. 

The financial sector is increasingly dependent on technology and on tech companies to deliver financial services. This makes financial entities vulnerable to cyber-attacks or cybersecurity incidents. 


When not managed properly, ICT risks can lead to disruptions of financial services offered across borders. They can have an impact on other companies, sectors, and even on the rest of the economy, which underlines the importance of the digital operational resilience of the financial sector. 

DORA primarily applies to digital services providers, including online platforms, cloud computing services, and search engines, operating within the EU. Specific institutions include but are not limited to: 


  • Credit or payment institutions​ 
  • Account information service providers 
  • Investment firms.​ 
  • Crypto-asset service providers.​ 
  • Data reporting service providers​ 
  • ICT third-party service providers

DORA aims to ensure the resilience of digital services and the protection of users’ interests by covering various topics, including: 


  • ICT risk management: Principles and requirements on ICT risk management framework 
  • ICT third-party risk management: Monitoring third-party risk providers, and key contractual provisions 
  • Digital operational resilience testing: Basic and advanced testing 
  • ICT-related incidents General requirements and reporting of major ICT-related incidents to competent authorities 
  • Information sharing: Exchange of information and intelligence on cyber threats 
  • Oversight of critical third-party providers: Oversight framework for critical ICT third-party providers 

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