Operationalize Your Information Security Management Program

Connect Business Data

Streamline data collection with intuitive assessments and system integrations to continuously populate your risk profile.

Measure and Remediate Risk

Understand risk relationships across your business processes, controls and third-party relationships to execute treatment plans or perform collaborative assessments.

Real-Time Contextual Reporting

Utilize continuous control monitoring and self-assessments to report on your risk posture and activity with the context of your business objectives applied.


ClearDATA Maintains a Clean Bill of IT and Security Risk Management (ITSRM) Health with OneTrust GRC

[OneTrust] provides us with a centralized register to understand what our risk posture is. Whenever I log into the platform, all I have to do is look at the risk dashboard to understand our posture because everything lives in there.

Jonathan Slaughter, Director of Compliance, Security, and Privacy

Identify Risk and Prioritize Mitigation Initiatives Across Your Organization

ITSRM Inventory Details Example

Measure Risk and Prioritize Action

Assess your quantitative and qualitative risks with pre-seeded control libraries licensed from leading regulatory frameworks such as ISO, NIST, and GDPR. Leverage a flexible risk methodology to dynamically flag and quantify IT risk based on assessment responses or system updates.

ITSRM Frameworks Screen

Ensure Security and IT Controls Effectiveness

Leverage integrated data feeds from risk-adjacent systems and automated assessments to monitor real-time changes and test control sets or individual practices with self-assessments to measure maturity and effectiveness. You can even optimize control management by mapping information assets across compliance obligations and tapping into AI-driven control suggestions.

IT Risk Analytics Dashboard Example

Visualize Your Risk Analysis and Report Program Performance

Intuitive dashboards make it easy to spot Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) or identified risks, along with areas of potential exposure across assets, vendors, or processes. Use pre-built dashboard templates or customize your own to show the health of your IT risk management program and generate summarized reports in the format of your choice.

Get Started with OneTrust IT and Security Risk Management

Request a demo to learn how you can simplify your risk management program.

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Operationalize the Compliance Across Leading Frameworks and Standards

Streamline compliance with out-of-the-box content including dynamic assessment templates and pre-seeded controls.

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