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Canadian PIPEDA Compliance

Automate Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) compliance

Ensure transparency, build a culture of accountability, and accelerate time to PIPEDA compliance with the OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud.

Canadian PIPEDA Compliance

One platform for Canadian PIPEDA compliance

Streamline the compliance lifecycle with automation, from the intake and fulfillment of data subject rights requests to discovery and data mapping.  

Comply with PIPEDA’s requirements and integrate consent documentation across data collection points to generate detailed records and produce consent reports in the event of a regulatory inquiry. 

User interface (UI) elements from the Consent and Preference Management module that show the number of consent transactions, the total receipts, and a circle graph breaking down the receipts by purpose.

Configure a centralized preference center to reduce opt-outs, while still enabling data subjects to withdraw consent. Build interactive cookie banners with templates and sync preferences across devices. 

Settings that allow users the synch consent preferences without using third-party cookies.

Simplify request intake with pre-built web form templates and leverage PIPEDA response workflows to help your organization receive and respond to requests appropriately. 

Track key attributes when mapping data, including international data transfers and transfers to third parties. Utilize bulk importing capabilities to attach PIPEDA-specific data elements to existing data. 

Visual data flow that shows how information from two customers ended up in an Adobe Analytics database.

Leverage privacy impact assessments (PIA) to limit the collection, use, and retention of personal data. Track your practices and automatically assign a risk score to responses not in line with PIPEDA. 

July 30, 2024

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We cover the basics of this Canadian privacy law and its implications below.  

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act 2000 (PIPEDA) is a Canadian federal privacy law and regulates the private-sector collection, use, and disclosure of personal information during commercial activities. It outlines ten fair information principles that organizations must follow to safeguard personal information, has strict data breach notification requirements, and requires valid consent from data subjects to collect personal information. Organizations must also appoint privacy officers to oversee complying with the law and implementing data protection policies and procedures. 

PIPEDA applies to any private-sector organization that collects, use, or disclose personal information during commercial activities. These include banks, telecommunications companies, inter-provincial or international transportation companies, and airlines. The law also applies to businesses that operate in Canada and transmits personal information across national or provincial borders. 

According to the law, individuals in Canada have the right to access their personal information, the right to accuracy and completeness of personal information, and the right to withdrawal consent. They also have the right to report data subject rights violations to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC), which oversees enforcing the law.  

The Privacy and Data Governance Cloud operationalizes PIPEDA’s requirements. From a single dashboard, you can streamline the fulfillment of data subject rights requests, track lawful valid consent, generate detailed reports, distribute updated policies, and maintain accurate data maps. We also offer access to the world’s largest regulatory database so you can stay up to date with the Canada’s latest privacy laws and amendments. 

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