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Solutions for South Africa POPIA Compliance

Accelerate compliance with South Africa’s privacy regulations

Protect your customers’ personal data and meet South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) requirements with the OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance cloud. 

Solutions for South Africa POPIA compliance

Operationalize compliance with POPIA

Streamline the data subject rights access request (DSAR) lifecycle, manage workflows, and track the progress of your POPIA compliance program. 

Deploy intelligent and industry-recognized readiness reports to assess your data privacy and security safeguards. Leverage expert remediation strategies where needed and opt-in to share your readiness or benchmark your program against other organizations. 

Simplify requests and reduce unnecessary work with drag-and-drop POPIA web form templates and response workflows. Maintain consent records in a central database and share consent data with CRMs. 

Easily update and distribute policies across web and mobile properties from a single platform. Update privacy notices with POPIA requirements and direct consumers to a data subject rights intake form. 

Track key attributes and information quality when mapping data for POPIA compliance, including international data transfers and transfers to third parties. Utilize Personal Information Impact Assessments (PIIAs) to assess data security and take advantage of automated risk flagging. 

Analyze incidents with POPIA Data Breach Notification assessment templates that will collect the relevant information needed to notify the Supervisory Authority. Use custom workflows to streamline response and store audit trails to comply with POPIA security and notification measures. 

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The ultimate consent strategy for maximizing customer opt-ins in 2024

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POPIA is one of many global laws concerned with the lawful processing of personal information and the rights of data subjects. We cover some basics about the law below. 

The Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPI Act” or “POPIA”) is a South African privacy law passed in 2013. It went into effect on July 1, 2021, after a twelve-month grace period. It defends the privacy and data rights of South African citizens, requires organizations to obtain verifiable consent before processing personal information, and imposes security safeguards. While the law shares some similarities with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it expands the definition of personal information to include items such as biometric information, employment history, and pregnancy. 

The law applies to “responsible parties” (data controllers) that are either based in South Africa, or international entities that processes data using means within the country. 

The law requires responsible parties and processors to limit data processing and collection to its specific purpose, obtain consent before collection, and inform individuals that their sensitive data was collected. The organization must ensure that the collected data is accurate, facilitate data subject participation in the editing and deletion of their data, and is protected under appropriate security safeguards.  The law also requires organizations to appoint information officers to oversee compliance and register them with the Information Regulator that oversees the law’s enforcement. In the event of a data breach, organizations must inform the affected data subject, the Regulator, and other organizations as soon as possible. 

Our Privacy and Data Governance Cloud operationalizes POPIA requirements and provides the tools you need in a single place. Automate data subject rights requests by deploying POPIA-compliant web forms, centralize and update policies and codes of conduct, track consent across systems, and streamline incident response. You can also keep up to date with the law’s amendments with a regulatory database built by legal experts. 

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