Maintain Opt-ins and Monetization, While Building Trust and Transparency in Your Mobile Application

With the release of iOS / iPadOS / tvOS 14.5, Apple requires applications to provide more transparency to users for the the data the application and the application’s third-parties are accessing from the user. With this update, businesses are required to display a privacy nutrition label in the App Store, and additionally, for applications that track users or utilize IDFA (ID for Advertisers), it is required to obtain permission prior to processing data.

OneTrust mobile app consent provides scanning capabilities to understand the SDKs and technologies tracking data within the application and maximize opt-ins by collecting the App Tracking Transparency permission on your app’s behalf through customized prompts.

How OneTrust Helps

Scan Your Mobile App to Identify Trackers and IDFA

  • Scan your app to identify privacy permissions, IDFA, frameworks, and SDKs
  • Understand third-party trackers on your app by leveraging a pre-categorized database
  • Adjust your consent approach based on findings from the scans to demonstrate compliance
  • Utilize visual reports for an easy understanding of your app’s privacy health
  • Use the scan report to build your “nutrition label” in Apple’s app store

Configure iOS Apps to Prompt and Capture IDFA Consent

  • Configure a pre-prompt before the App Tracking Transparency permission prompt has to been shown or requested
  • Since Apple only allows permission requests once, maximize opt-ins using a pre-prompt
  • Target users that previously did not allow tracking with a tailored Post-Prompt notice
mobile social sign on

Prime the User for Social Sign On Functionality

  • Configure a pre-prompt following a user request for social sign-on ahead of the iOS 14.5 prompt to prime the user to opt-in
  • Educate and provide transparency to the user about the App Tracking Transparency prompt
  • Tailor the pre-prompt to match your brand with customized messaging, images, colors, etc.

Check, Monitor and Log Consent for IDFA

  • Maintain granular consent receipts and demonstrate compliance over time
  • Measure the impact of the app tracking and transparency prompt by monitoring opt-ins for the IDFA category
  • Build a centrally located, historical consent database for data regulators and auditors
  • Utilize detailed analytics and visual dashboards to track the progress of your privacy program

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