Provide Transparency and Comply with Global Cookie Law Requirements

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Audit Your Website

Detect all first- and third-party cookies, tags, trackers, pixels, beacons, and more. Use advanced scanning functionality to scan behind logins, simulate user journeys, and trigger hidden pages.

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Customize Banners

Use out-of-the-box templates for branding, and apply the latest changes to global laws and frameworks to your consent banners.

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Simplify Deployment Across Domains

Integrations and plugins for widely used Content Management Systems (CMS), Tag Managers, and other MarTech systems help simplify the deployment of your cookie banners.

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Extend Your Consent Options

Extend cookie consent to Mobile App Consent and OTT/CTV Consent, managing user consent and preferences through the OneTrust Platform.


How Bertelsmann Manages GDPR for its Subsidiaries with OneTrust

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Using a recognized tool like OneTrust instead of a manual, Excel-based solution is really helpful. We can prove we have structure, pre-defined roles, pre-defined documentation and reporting in the tool.

Sebastian Schlender, SVP & Chief DPO

Operationalize Cookie Consent

Audit results screen that shows a break down of a website's cookies and tracking technologies by type

Audit Your Website for Cookies and Tracking Technologies

Detect all first- and third-party cookies, tags, trackers, pixels, beacons, and more with OneTrust Cookie Consent. Use advanced scanning functionality to scan behind logins, simulate user journeys, and trigger hidden pages. Continued scanning maintains an evergreen inventory of tracking technologies and up-to-date policies across your web properties.

The cookie and tracking auto-categorization dashboard that sorts your website's trackers by type and purpose.

Automatically Categorize Cookies and Trackers

Leverage the world’s largest database of over 30 million pre-categorized cookies to group trackers by purpose. Make sense of hard to interpret cookie names with intuitive descriptions, vendor information, and lifespans. Use our simple drag-and-drop user interface to update categorizations at any time.

Configure and deploy customizable cookie banners from pre-built templates.

Configure and Deploy the Consent Experience with a Cookie Banner and Preference Center

Professionally designed pre-built templates, custom branding options, and support for 250+ unique languages help you configure and deploy a seamless consent experience on your website. Enabling geolocation rules will automatically display different banners and consent models based on region, country, or state.

A feature from Cookie Consent that allows you to block cookies based on regulation.

Enable Cookie Auto-Blocking to Ensure Compliance

Use no-code cookie blocking to automatically block trackers from deploying until explicit consent is gained. Enable support for industry frameworks and vendor-specific opt-outs to send appropriate consent signals for AdTech use cases. Leverage optional traditional blocking methods like tag manager integration and script re-writing.

Track confirmed opt-ins by purpose and type with visual data.

Automate Scanning and Maintain Records

Schedule regular scans of your website and auto-populate your updated cookie list into your cookie policy after each scan. Integrate your cookie list into your privacy or cookie policy, your cookie preference center, or both, and centrally maintain a detailed consent transaction database for an audit trail of what users were told and how they consented. Store records of modifications to cookie banner settings or preferences in a detailed, historical audit log.

Test your customized banner with Cookie Consent

Optimize Your Banner to Maximize Cookie Opt-Ins

Experiment with A/B testing to deploy template variations, measure consent, and iterate to drive opt-ins and better overall user experience. You can even define attributes and logic using template targeting and synchronize consent of known users across devices by integrating with industry-wide ID solutions.

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