The California Attorney General (AG) announced the approval of additional regulations to the CCPA. These additional regulations ban ‘dark patterns’ that delay or obscure the opt-out process for the sale of personal information and prohibit organizations from using confusing language or including unnecessary steps. 

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What’s Included in the Additional CCPA Regulations? 

This latest set of CCPA regulations provides organizations with greater guidance on how to ensure consumers are being afforded the appropriate rights, including: 

Request a demo: Find out how OneTrust can support your ongoing CCPA compliance 

How Does OneTrust Support CCPA Compliance? 

OneTrust is here to help organizations of all sizes simplify their CCPA compliance, with a dedicated suite of technology solutions and professional services. With OneTrust, your organization can put a geo-targeted opt-out of sale link on your website for California consumersprovide customers with a clear choice over how their data is used, and create a toll-free number to collect offline consumer privacy requests. 

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Further reading the AG’s additional CCPA regulations: 

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