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March 15, 2021

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Tracking, measuring and reporting on environmental and social impacts is vital to any organization in building trust. Consumer priorities increasingly focus on how ethical a company is, and the positive contribution they make to society. OneTrust’s ESG solution provides organizations with environmental, social, and governance technology built in to the OneTrust platform, to support their efforts in corporate social responsibility and sustainability, and give consumers confidence in their trust.

With OneTrust ESG companies can power their ESG programs within the OneTrust platform to identify internal and supplier risk, understand compliance gaps, set goals, leverage ESG frameworks, and build and export reports. 

What is ESG and why is ESG important?

Environment, social responsibility, and governance (ESG) identifies, measures and tracks the impact that an organization’s policies and processes have in the environment, social, and governance areas. ESG continues to move up organizations’ agendas, with a growing number of stakeholders taking a keen interest, including employees, customers and investors, meaning that ESG can impact their brand, revenue, company valuation, and market perception, and reduces risk. 

The growing call for organizations around the world to lead the way in supporting pressing social, environmental and governance issues, has highlighted the need for consistent and regulated tracking and reporting as a means of demonstrating the effectiveness of ESG strategies on delivering progressive change.  

How can OneTrust ESG support your organization?

OneTrust’s ESG solution can help your organization develop a sustainable ESG program that will seamlessly integrate into your wider compliance program. Draw on existing frameworks such as the Social Accountability Standards Board (SASB), The Task Force on Financial Related Disclosures (TCFD), and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to help guide and achieve your ESG goals.  

The various tools within OneTrust ESG can support, measure and track sustainable change with a range of functionality, including: 

  • Identify ESG frameworks and metrics to use: OneTrust supports all frameworks and standards, as well as the option for custom templates and frameworks, allowing for easy management and reporting.  
  • Gather internal and third-party data on ESG metrics: OneTrust can help collate and simplify ESG data, reducing the complexity of creating webforms, developing templates, assigning tasks, developing workflows and aggregation. 
  • Compare current enterprise ESG metrics to goals: Compare assessment responses and provide insights on gaps by comparing metrics created in the tool with your goals. 
  • Identify third-party risk: Collect data on third-parties and identify potential risks with OneTrust’s tools and methodology. 
  • Easily report on ESG metrics and data: Leverage OneTrust’s dashboards and exportable reports so your organization can report on their ESG results. 

A robust environmental, social, and governance solution can help build trust in your organization. Register for our webinar to learn about how OneTrust’s ESG solution can support your organization or request a demo today. 

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