Driving excellence in third-party risk management: An in-depth look at different due diligence approaches

As third-party risk management programs expand into the ethics and compliance space, compliance practitioners are seeing a wide spectrum of definitions when it comes to due diligence and the types of due diligence that can be applied across their third-party networks. It can feel overwhelming and confusing. Terms like level 1, red flag or enhanced due diligence might be in your vocabulary, but how do you determine which screening is applied to the appropriate vendor? When should organizations send boots on the ground or realize that a standard screening is adequate?  

In this webinar, join Claire Rajan, Partner at Allen & Overy LLP, Laetitia Hoffmann, Global Head of Due Diligence at Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, and Steph Holmes, Director of Strategy for the Ethics Cloud at OneTrust, for a deep dive in defining due diligence and categorizing ethical risk. This session will explore the varying levels of due diligence related to anti-corruption, bribery and negative media concerns and help identify when to leverage each level. Finally, you will have an opportunity to hear best practices for defining and refining ethical risk across your entire third-party network along with selecting the right level of due diligence depending on varying factors such as geography, supplier raw materials, or past transgressions. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Learn the scope of standard versus enhanced due diligence 
  • Understand the difference between Red Flag and Level 1 Enhanced Due Diligence 
  • Best practices for defining ethical risk across your third-party network and which type of reports to utilize depending on several factors such geography or supplier raw materials 

Featured speakers

Claire Rajan

Allen & Overy LLP

Laetitia Hoffmann

Global Head of Due Diligence
Dow Jones Risk & Compliance

Steph Holmes

Director of Strategy - Ethics

On-demand webinar coming soon...

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